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Knitting cafes continued

Post number 28

Knitting café continued from post number 27:

Facebook readers may note that it is advisable to read the original blog posts for revisions and after thoughts that may not appear in the first publication placed on Facebook.

We ended Post number 27 with recycling. We can elaborate by adding that recycling wool clothes and other products in the UK may not be a first priority, simply because insignificant volumes are in use to concern ourselves with. Cheap cotton garments mainly T-shirts, Jeans and combat trousers make the bulk. A few million tonnes of it are destined to landfill sites, of which there are not many left for use.

The economic downturn, credit crunch and the rest will have significant impact for us to be even more energy conscious than at earlier times. Man-made fabrics require carbon fuel energy to produce them. They require more energy to recycle them. They are non-bio degradable. While a product such as Clima-Cool substitute by Adidas may have had environmental justification earlier, cannot be defended in future. If we succeed to generate enough publicity, we may be able to declare Adidas and the ECB as threats to our national security!

We appreciate that product launches and commercial drives may have taken Adidas a decade or more to announce, publicise and sell. But the sudden change in world affairs changed all that. We are doing Adidas a favour by drawing their attention to have fresh re think and bear new sensitivities in mind. As mentioned, they do not wish to come across as insensitive of UK’s food security and national security if our CCCC philosophies are taken seriously by Londoners while they are weighing up the merits of a knitting café in London.

It does not make sense that the UN’s General Assembly, FAO, IWTO, Scottish Enterprise, Scottish Education and others are promoting wool (a natural fibre), while Adidas promotes man-made fibres. Two powerful sides seem to have come at logger heads with diametrically opposing interests. Some one will have to give way.

We at CCCC have been for a long time and still are in favour of promoting natural fibres. We are concentrating on wool only to take advantage of Adidas’ not being aware of the effects of world scene that will affect life styles, how we should think, and what we should wear in future. We have not abandoned our drive to promote other natural fibres such as silk and more use of linen, etc. They all require dry cleaning in the cash richer and time poorer developed world. Dry cleaning had placed bottle necks for decades. We have removed these. Promoting dry cleaning will kick start a lot of dormant businesses as reported earlier.

Unknown to us until the discovery of Adidas’ doing away with the V-necked (only days ago), it is aspiring to note that there are a great number of people, groups, social movements and indeed charities who have been hard at work to promote wool. We have compiled a list of websites and contacts in some cases that we publish below in the hope of them networking together. Some of them can be instrumental in launching the knitting café if our manifesto, the uniform and other philosophies are found acceptable for implementation.

In the absence of having more effective expressions of speech and ability to get together for face to faces (there are compelling forces against us), we can only do and suggest what we are doing. Londoners have the freedom to refine our philosophies in terms of smoothening rough edges in ways they deem practical and achievable, the uniform included.

We have done a very preliminary investigation of the sites below. The compilation is bound to give readers notions that we may be leaning this way or that. Far from it. We have taken the sites’ printed messages at face value and remain unaware of who they are and if they have hidden agendas that may clash with ours. Please consider the leads with caution:

The Knitting cafes related sites: as cited earlier in this post.’t-stich-yourselfup---take-up-knitting, UK’s largest knitting and sewing shop, a knitting magazine
I Knit London held an event on Saturday 10/11/07 at Royal National Hotel. Debbie Stoller finally met UK knitters and members of the 100s of SnB groups. SnB is “Son of Stitch ‘n Bitch”… sponsored by, a free on line knitting magazine in the UK, Knit London,,, Londonist submits to knit Saturdays.

Charities to do with wool and related organisations: Angel Yarn knitting forums is the UK’s favourite knitting forum. (three charities benefited from woolfest). Wool bracelets used to sell for £4.50 each including postage and packaging., knitting for charity. A ball of wool in the UK to a life saver overseas., great company and lots of fun. Smartwool use pure merino wool from New Zealand to create the most…The Prince’s Trust is a UK charity that helps young people overcome barriers and get…, wool T-shirts, wool gifts, Art, Posters and more. A source for products to sell at our knitting café in London, perhaps. School bags with stationery, knitting needles & wool. Tel +44 (0) 20 8736 1250, A Jewish charity.

Please publicise the blog as widely as imaginable and start networking among yourselves. You may have realised that no one sends comments to the blog or Facebook. Our readers are thankfully as intelligent as we thought they were. You may network covertly too as you have done until we are stronger in numbers when we can come out in the open…

An added item for uniform: Its cold outdoors and in. There is very little wool to wear. Get grandpa’s old Crombie coats, Dunn & Co (Arcadia) coats and similar old time favourites and add to your instant recognition by the public.

We went to a pub gig last night in Cross Kings at Kings Cross. We were the only OAP in the crowd of mid 20s to 40s, and stood out as a sore thumb. We didn’t mind, because we were at work. We did a survey of what people wore. Intellectuals and London’s best were dressed in night gowns as dresses, jeans and T-shirts every where and a few man-made coats with polyester filling. The latter, substitutes for wool coats look like some one has cut up polyester duvets tastelessly and sewn pieces together to wear them as coats.

The world has been sent to sleep gradually over the last 2 decades and indoctrinated to wear absolute rubbish for garments. Time we changed things. The knitting café is a fantastic spring board. If you do not succeed to open it, then it will be time for us to be scared. Really scared.

The band was fantastic and played music of the 40s and 50s. The crowd loved it. Was there a message? The contradiction between what they wore and played was interesting to say the least.



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