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A closer look at Rare Breeds of British Sheep

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Mutton Renaissance and Mutton Renaissance Club are two different organisations, but seemingly interlinked. The former was launched as long ago as 2004 by HRH the Prince of Wales to support British sheep farmers who were (still are and more due to further slump in British wool market) struggling to sell their older animals, and to get this delicious meat back on the nations’ plates, according to the former's website.

Mutton Renaissance’s website has a mutton restaurant map of Britain. A click of the mouse on the London and Southeast area revealed no less than 42 restaurants that serve mutton. How many are there in your area and have you tried them?

Mutton Renaissance has one source of support according to their website, NSA. The National Sheep Association (Julie Jennings on +44 01684 892 661) promotes Lamb Renaissance Club along with Exmoor Horn Sheep and associates.

While the nation, national radio and TV may disapprove of the HRH’s various campaigns (only one source of support for his mutton campaign), we for other reasons cannot offer comments one way or the other on the kaleidoscope of projects he is involved in, save his mutton campaign. The sheep doesn’t have to suffer unpopularity because the prince does. Since the prince promotes mutton, and we do wool, our paths have converged. If pushing forth our socially responsible projects happens to promote Mutton Renaissance and Mutton Renaissance Club, then that would have been a common sense thing that we would have done. CCCC Limited in its’ entirety is built on COMMON SENSE.

CCCC founder, like the prince is a non celebrity, if celebrity can be partially defined as knowing nothing, wearing genetically modified cotton clothes (BT cotton jeans, T-shirts, denims, and combat trousers) and crowding TV lounges, while dumbing down the English language to match the unfit for purpose dressing down, the pride taken in being nothing and proudly exhibiting it. Neither of us are any of these things.

100s of chefs and restaurants who offer mutton on their menus must be non celebrities too with the exception of the Ivy (+44 020 7836 4751, and others on the London and Southeast list of the mutton resaurant national map that we could not tell apart. They must be non celebrities because the nation hasn’t seen them on their TV screens. Some of these are:

Racine, number 239 Brompton Road London SW3, who are linked with both mutton promoting organisations on +44 020 7584 4477

The Wheatsheaf on Braishfield Road, Braishfield, Romsey, Hampshire, SO51 0QE, +44 01794 368 372,

The Salthouse, 63 Arlington Road, London NW8 0AE, 0207 7328 6626

Old Bridge Hotel, 1 High Street, Huntingdon, Cambs PE29 3TQ.

National TV has already realised that some popular entertainment programmes are suddenly dated due to credit crunch, people loosing jobs and homes through no fault of their own, and massive unemployment. One station was televising last week a rerun of an old documentary to do with sending English children to the country for safety during world war two. Reality and celebrity TV will become as mere jokes if people economise on food money.

What will people laugh at? A bunch of no bodies sticking asses from underneath duvets (Big Brother) with the message being that some one should insert something in them? The thought has entered our mind. We are normal, average and may represent millions of other British males entertaining same thoughts. That is what we are supposed to do. Think sex to talk about, dream about, feel inferior about our lack of prowess, and then take drugs and alcohol to drown our sorrows so that 'they' can sell, sell, sell.

While in a state of free fall, we wouldn’t be surprised if the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Five TV programme heads swarm around the mutton serving chefs and restaurants and gave them opportunities to entertain us with something refreshing. Like the government, and banks, they are devising solutions as they go along. You might even suspect them of making things up as they go alaong. They are in a state of panic. TV is no different. They will soon have to make things up as they go along and screen subjects that may be touching sore nerves and national sensitivities. We can offer help in this blog by suggesting what the children can do.

We reported earlier the analogy of the Road Runner cartoon in a British newspaper and the economy's free fall down an abyss. Banks are in free fall, and the housing market is too. So is TV programme making – in a free fall. Things planned for seasons ahead will have to be scrapped. There are vacuums to be filled. Some of this vacuum could be filled in by ideas in this blog and implemented by children to help TV programme chiefs in a fresh bottom to top approach.

Some readers (old group email recipients) may be extremely alarmed about our role in all this. What will we do given viewing and audio time if we succeed to secure these for effecting optimum impact for achieving goals? We can assure every one that our methods of achieving goals are in contrast with the practised norm.

We shall seek no publicity, will have no public face, will not be interviewed, and photographed. We have not been photographed for 22 years so that our face does not appear in a national paper, magazine or shown on TV. We have sat out long ago to beat Howard Hugh’s record of remaining anonymous. If they don’t know much about us, then they cannot destroy us. We intend to be sustainable to match the aims of our business and other aspirations, which are apolitical.

Taking an interest in rare breeds of sheep offer British children alternatives to widen their horizons; in their spare time - while not playing computer and hand held console games and other latest innovations, and browsing through social networking sites. They may adopt one of the following breeds, text and send sheep photos to each other. Scottish children may soon start weaving Harris Tweed as part of their environmental and ecological programmes. Network with them.

Rare Breeds from Rare Breed Survival Trust have a Survival Club that children can join at an annual membership of £5 per child and enjoy benefits offered by the Club.
1) Critical: Boreray
2) Endangered: Leicester Longwool, North Ronaldsay, and Teeswater
3) Vulnerable: Castlemilk Moorit, Devon and Cornwall Longwool, Hill Radnor, and Whitefaced Woodland
4) At Risk: Balwin, Cotswold, Lincoln Longwool (nothing to do with Abraham Lincoln who was a lover of wool and grew it on his face to promote it. For that, Americans shot him! He is Barrack Obama’s hero, and we warn the latter not to grow a beard no matter how much he loves wool, or he will be shot too.), Maux Loaghtan, Norfolk Horn, Portland, Soay, Wensledale, and Whitefaced Dartmoor
5) Minority (they will recognise us so won’t go to say hello. Instead, we may invite minority interest persons to join the knitting café. We have in mind, the likes of Trevor Phillip, Shami Chakrobati, Imran Khan – the Lawyer and MP David Lammie. Lammie, a minority baby! Get out there.): Dorset Down, Dorset Horn, Greyface Dartmoor, Oxford Down, and Shropshire
6) Other native breeds: Badgerface Welsh, Beulah, Black Welsh Mountain, Blackface (Scottish), Bluefaced Leicester, Border Leicester, Brecknock Hill, Cheviot, Clun Forest, Dalesbred, Derbyshire Gristone, Devon Closewool, Exmoor Horn, Hampshire Down, Hebridean, Herdwick, Jacob, Kerry Hill, Lladdovery, Whiteface Hill, Llanwenog, Lleyn, Lonk, North County Cheviot, Romney, Rough Fell, Ryeland, Shetland, Southdown, South Wales Mountain, Suffolk, Swaledale, Welsh Hill Speckled, , Welsh Mountain, and Wiltshire Horn

For Children who’d rather not get involved in things associated with the Prince of Wales say through parental or peer pressure, then there are other rare breeds to look into and get involved. They are pigs, cattle, goats and poultry. If they see no reason to get involved in mutton and wool issues, then they may ponder about this:

If they want to have a say in how things should done in future (they will be doing it) and to change things, then they will instantly recognise that to bring about change, things need to be done bottom upwards. So far, they have watched what others decided they should watch, think along the lines the top has drawn for them to follow, read what the press want them to read, learn from old hymn sheets, and more. Wool (we called it our guide dog for very good reasons) and mutton will be search lights for the children to see other problems areas. If they join wool and mutton movements and we emphasise, in the absence of better ideas of their own, then we can assure them they wouldn’t go wrong.

We have seen wool from start to finish and have not seen disadvantages that would affect people’s lives and livelihoods in adverse ways. Children can also see real motives behind Adidas’ move to do away with the lovable huggable V-necked cable knit cricket wool jumper.

To destroy the remnants of British Unity, culture, education, history and any thing else that makes children proud to be British, seems to be Adidas’ aims. We would argue that Adidas is no friend, is only after making money, promote Clima-Cool man made fibres through cricket and cover the world with it. English wool cloth did that once. Wool remains a threat to Adidas and other global brands. They have done their damnest not to see a single fibre of wool ever used again to make clothes. Did the coolest ever Englishman and ‘the delighted one’ not see this? Did the ECB not see this? Perhaps now they will. World cricket, we call on you to support us, because you will be next.

Will Pringles of Scotland(golf jumpers) be next? We will have a look in due course. ‘Will the children be next, will be next, will be next?’ They have been and are the next!

How many different colour varieties of adjustable wool bracelets can the children envisage? Each representing a rare breed they would have adopted to promote to survive. Wool colours beautifully, at least according to Australian Wool Innovations Limited (, who have done masses of research to promote wool for garments. They may have given up on dry cleaning but could have had a change of heart…They had a strong representation in Wool Congress of 2007 in Edinburgh. Australia produces some of the finest wool in the world, are the number one wool producers followed by New Zealand China.

Scotland makes some of the finest wool fabrics in the world. Is that why there is a strong link between Australian Wool and Scottish Enterprise, Scottish Education, Lochcaran of Scotland, Modianos, Johstons since the 1700s and others (complete list and correct spellings in an earlier blog post) to revitalise trade? We believe so. Scottish industries of Harris Tweed and Tartan can be set up in Australia once wool regains its position on the list of fibres as the fibre of the gods. Soon we will have the back up of the UN's General Assembly and its' FAO.

Hand wash your hand knitted wool bracelets in Proctor & Gamble’s (an Egham business) newish detergents that washes well in 30 degrees C and drip dry. Don’t put them in dryers. Heat drying wool makes it shrink.

Some of the rare breeds we listed above have their own websites, societies and clubs. We looked some of them up and here they are: – phone/fax +44 01952 74073 –, – ph +44 0844 800 1029 –, – ph +44 01986 782 251 – mobile +44 07885777921 –, and – ph +44 01387 380 222 –

An example of TV from bottom to top: The children may put forth ideas to Blue Peter, John Craven’s Country File, Bill Oddie on the ecological imbalances of the flora and fauna (birds in his case) in the land that 30% of the sheep farmers handed back to nature, Kate Humble and Ben Fogle for new nature and life programmes with fresh ideas from bottom to top.

A date for your diary: Royal Mutton Campaign (Mutton Renaissance) will help preserve Britain’s rural landscapes. A programme is scheduled for 21 January 2009 (printed 2008 in error in the website). Those who we are encouraging to attend could raise the question on the fate of the 30% of the sheep farmers who folded up in the last few years. What happened to the land the sheep grazed on? Did it disappear and hence no reason for programmes such as Country File to report on it? If the land is still there, why not report on it now, BBC?

The Royal Mutton campaign may have wished to air views but were and are unable to do so because the Royals are not constitutionally able to do responsible things because that would be tantamount to meddling in government affairs. A difficult tightrope to walk along. Constitutional historians and law makers will have put this more aptly, and we now invite them to do so. As promised, when we discover heavy things we can’t handle and are beyond the scope of what we do then we pass them on to others. We just did that, and draw a line under it.

A happy Christmas, season’s greetings and a happy new year to every one. We will be taking time off but will be working when can over the festive season. We respect others maintaining peace and calm during the season and wouldn’t impose on them reading blog posts when they arrive. Read them early in January.



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