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The UN with no swimming trunks!

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Heaven forbid, but the United Nations appears to have been caught with no swimming trunks on, when we discovered the FAO drafted a hilarious 2009 IYNF itinerary.Pages from website have been removed and replaced by a single page with far lesser details. Conference dates and venues have disappeared, but we had copied details from the pages that have now been removed by the FAO.

If it is to do with our arriving on the scene and making a case for British wool, then we are delighted that we are read by the FAO, and that some one there is working over the festive season just as we are. We are pleased.

If Ban Kee Moon may have been called the bare bottom uni lateral, uni polar world leader’s glove puppet by someone else with the leader’s hand firmly inserted up Mr Moon's bottom making him move and do thing or not on invading countries etc, is none of our business. However, when it comes to UN’s endangering the UK’s economy through suffocating her wool trade, then we do take exception and confirm that the US’s hand is firmly stuck in Mr Moon’s backside if our exposing the cotton over-kill during the IYNF is justified.

We have reshuffled the itinerary to expose the unfair bias towards cotton in next year’s programmes:

Italy will host 2 events in February and April on COTTON and composites for industrial applications.

Belgium will host one event, a reception on 17 February, sponsored by IWTO (WOOL).

Bangladesh will host one on 8-9 February on JUTE.

USA will host 3 events on 30 March – 1 April, on natural fibres and their role in the carbon economy (wood composites, not wool), 3 – 7 June on Alpaca WOOL, and 16 October, New York SHEEP and WOOL Festival.

Egypt will host one event on 7 – 9 April, Textile Research Division (ITRD). We know Egypt has one of the best quality COTTONS (11th largest COTTON producer). Therefore heavy emphasis will be placed on COTTON.

New Zealand will host 3 events, with Australia sharing one of them on 15 -17 April on fibre composition for industrial applications (?! Why not wool for textiles?), 16 – 19 April on Creative Fibre Festival (?!), and 27 September to 2 October Felt makers Convention (?!).

India will host 2 events. One of the events between 22 January and ? February in Mumbai is cancelled (understandably), but as we know the event will have leant heavily on GM/BT COTTON with SILK, JUTE, WOOL, and others covered too, and 16 – 18 April on BT COTTON.

Poland will host 2 events on 22 May, and 3 – 4 September both on COTTON.
Germany will host 2 events on 27 – 28 May on HEMP and International Natural Fibres Congress. The latter organised Messe Frankfurt. Remember them from IWTO's Congress of 07 in Edinburgh?

Switzerland will host I event, 21 – 25 September on Fair Trade COTTON.

South Africa will host 2 events, 7 – 11 September on COTTON, and 3 – 8 November on MOHAIR.

Philippines will host 1 event on JUTE, KENAF and ALLIED FIBRES.

China will host 1 event in March or April (dates not specified), natural fibres exhibition and symposium. We know this will be on COTTON, even BT COTTON.

Canada will host 1 event, 26 June – 3 July, Old College Fibre Week.

Britain (last and least) will host the final event of the year, 14 – 15 December, in London, Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (?!). Britain is the only country who has been given a deadline of 31 March to submit papers.

Our comments: An intelligent look at the list above will tell readers that there will be 7 events on COTTON, including one on Fair Trade COTTON that we support whole heartedly. We have one provision to suggest: If countries promoting Fair Trade COTTON produce the BT variety, then sensitivities in import destinations must be respected. Britain is covered in BT cotton jeans, denims, T-shirts (even the Jack Nicholson, and Tommy Hilfiger types) sold mainly at TESCO, SAINSBURY, ASDA and other high street giants who do not sell GM food but have no morals and ethics about selling BT cotton.

Wool has 1 event in Brussels to be hosted by Mr Henrik Kuffner’s IWTO. Mr Kuffner is our proactive link with the pretend swimming trunk wearers – the UN General Assembly. We expect a lot from Mr Kuffner as he will perceive from this blog post.

Britain, her history of 6,000 years of wearing wool, food security (mutton and ewe dairy products), culture, tradition, innovation and much more besides, have been insulted by the bare bottom (known as ass in New York and other habitable parts of the US) General Assembly. British sheep will no longer tolerate insults thrown at her by a uni polar super power who can only boast a history of 300 years at best, with hand firmly stuck in UN chief's bottom. America wiped out the indigeous history whose people may have worn wool.

New York hosting the sheep and wool show! That must be a joke. President-Elect Barack Obama must realise that British sheep’s masters (farmers), and their neighbours (the rest of the population) had respect for America while they all believed America was wearing swimming trunks. Now that the sheep knows the facts and America f***** things up big time, our sheep is laughing, also big time. The sheep talks, you know? And because she does, we all laugh.

British sheep is not the only one who is insulted. Australians and New Zealanders, numbers 1 and 2 wool producers, have been given composite fibres, creative fibre festival, and felt making to do; while their best quality WOOL is exported to and buried in China. What happened at the General Ass Embly? The over bearing non swim suit wearing US delegation over-powered Australian and New Zealanders to shut up by making a compromise? An Alpaca show in the US lasting 5 days?! How significant is Alpaca compared to sheep wool, as much as CCCC Limited would love see loads of Alpaca in British shops?

We could go on but will save further embarrassments to those concerned without repeatedly naming them.

We truly believe that wool has exposed problem areas that president-elect Obama can look in to and address effectively. Gone are the days that the world of wool followed America’s leadership blindly. British wool's people, for one thing, had a tremendous and immeasurable amounts of good well towards America, but not wearing swimming trunks changed all that for good. The British after talking to sheep followed America every where and made utter prat of Britain in world’s eyes. No more. Australians and New Zealanders and other 100 wool producers can speak for themselves. Meanwhile, Australia can remain faithfully wedded to their V-neck cricket wool jumpers as reported by Mr Kidd in the Times of 18 April this year.

Adidas, Which? Magazine, hydrocarbon, GreenEarth, Fred Butler, Proctor & Gamble (you have 90 in-house entrepreneurs) and General Electric. Oh, well. Perhaps, you will not ignor the next old man who may have a point to make for your benefits as well as his. We are hear if you want to talk business. There is still time where human intelligence can out do computers as Silicon Valley and all the rest of them will find out at their own costs. There are third world entrepreneurs that can do things with a few thousand pounds in rooms shared by 5 of them while others demanded and got 20 million pounds, got BMWs, glass and steel houses to work, live, and leisure from with hot and cold comforts on taps. We hear the world of venture capitalists is gone. We understand there is no more cash going around. Lean times are ahead and we need lean time entrepreneurs to match.

The FAO was wise to take down the old itinerary from the web. A revised issue is needed for implementation however late it is in the day. If the FAO intends to go ahead and implement the old itinerary, devised by lying bare assed people at the helm, then the world of wool will laugh all the year round. We at CCCC Limited and with Mr Kuffner as the go between will ensure they will. We haven’t even mentioned our UK youth et al, the Survival Clubs, and the London knitting café who must be busy at work while we speak to FAO and others.

Why not finish with a story from Zambia?

King of the jungle, the lion, had a hearty meal (a whole deer) and was lying under a tree shade, relaxing. He got bored and thought of going around and asking his subjects for confirmation that he indeed was the only king. He asked the Kudu who the king was. The deer bowed, and affirmed that there was no other king but his majesty the lion. He repeated the question to the buffalo, zebra and the rest. They all acknowledged the lion as their supreme monarch. A sort of Turkmenbashi of the 'BT COTTON democracy'. You know what else TUrkmenbashi has done? He has banned beards in a muslim country, just because beard is wool and he is playing his part in killing wool. His book Rukhnama is a compulsary text book in Turkmen schools, and is translated to two world langauges, including an African one.

War against terror = war against wool = war against beards? We'd better not develop this one or we will be here all day. Can you imagine the Cuban Missile crisis as a cover for war against Castro's wool? Raising hell in Vietnam because of Ho Che Minh's facial wool? Wow! We told you wool will never fail us. Back to the story:

The king then approached the elephant. Now, the elephant had a rough night, hadn’t slept and the wife was nagging him. He was in a terrible mood as the king arrived to ask the question. When he did, the elephant without replying, twisted his trunk around the lion’s waist and hurled him against a tree trunk while other obedient subjects watched in horror. The king with bruised ribs and deeply embarrassed, tried to regain some of his dignity and the told the elephant: “Look here! You don’t have to go ape Sh** if you don’t know the answer. Just a simple ‘I don’t know’ would have done”.

There may be a listen here for those who said they were wearing swimming trunks but were caught without any.

Have a wonderful new year every one. There is so much to look forward to. There really is, you know?


Tuesday, 30 December 2008

The mother of all debates between 2 people

Post number 41

We have been placed in a delicate situation that will erode the promoting of our causes if we do not take preventative measures. The following is a fit for purpose explanation that is aimed to keep 'intangible' forces against us at bay. See what you think:

This is the mother of all debates between two people over the past year who may be considered to express views on all subjects under the sun. It will help if you know what they have discussed for hours on end during most of this year. One is us with our profile on the blog and face book plus views expressed in our old disbanded blog during April and May this year. This was our outlandish, unabashed, and no bars held charges at establishments and others whom we took exceptions to.

Then, you are reading our controlled and disciplined views on promoting our business and social responsibility through our current blog that began in August.

The other person is T who has diverse and panoramic views on all the ills and injustices the world has suffered for thousands of years at the hands of paedophiles (he was raped when 7), free masons, Jews running America and all the world’s establishments belong to the same brotherhood of some body or other. The establishments includes Chairman Mao, the ancient Chinese dynasties, all the American presidents, the European establishments, Royal families, all empires whether Roman, Greek, British, and more.

We have heard a lot from T and seem to recall that the British royal family are the owners of Washington DC which is some company and pays taxes to the British crown. Furthermore, they are lizards and stuff. You might have guessed that T is a fanatic follower of David Icke and carries one of his books with him every where. The book published in 1999 has a bibliography of 150 or so proving every one of theories.

T’s latest conviction is that Ariel Sharon reiterated the prophecy of Jews running America, and they (whoever they are) shut him up and he was never heard of again. We asked T to look into the matter and report the latest on Mr Sharon.

Before we go on further, we would like to put a tough one to president-elect Barack Obama. How much taxes Washington DC Plc/incorporated will be paying to the British Crown when he becomes the leader of the uni-polar world on 20 January? T would like to know. Since our government needs a lot of money, we could use the British Corwn’s American taxes for the treasury to save UK’s economy. We will expose the Royals of being good for nothing, greedy amassers of wealth and one, a follower of a Belgian post office van driver. Hey, Barack?! Wouldn’t that be something?

Now, if readers wonder why we didn’t chase out T after the first encounter, here are the reasons: We saw T as a godsend to debate with and a real test of our reasoning against his. It has been extremely difficult to remain focused to publish sensible posts on the blog from August onwards. You may have detected inconsistencies and ill reasoned hypothesis for which T’s influences may have been responsible for. Other contradictions are due to our human limitations and our touching upon subjects on which we own limited knowledge.

We felt that if we can defeat T, then we may stand a chance of being listened to by almost any one else any where on the globe. Exchanges have always ended up in stalemates when T stuck to his beliefs and we rejected every one of them saying that if he cannot provide measurable proofs using conventional units of measurements, then we cannot take him seriously.

Today, after an exchange of 4 pleasant hours (it always is for us to leave an open door so that he feels welcome to continue debating), we believe we succeeded in silencing him. The result is worth reporting to you, but first, a comment from a contributor on item 9 of post number 39:

We were corrected by an anonymous contributor that goods are exchanged between nations using sea freight and not air freight. We accept this immediately and suggest that relevant changes be made to appraisals we suggested in relation to the air miles cotton and wool traverse the world airways. These appraisals need to be considered as a result of questionable sea distances covered and their impact on the net carbon balance.

Now, what silenced T?

1) We have been reducing the wide circle of debate for T using wool as our guide dog. T has been making his cases during most the entire recorded history. We thought best to have a datum to draw a threshold boundary. Wool has a recorded history of 6,000 years during which humans have worn it without interruptions except approximately 2 decades when the advanced west nearly stopped wearing wool altogether. 1991, the year Australia (the largest wool producer) started exporting the bulk of her wool to China was assumed as a sensible datum

1a) We strengthened this datum by justifying the same period of the early 90s when hydrocarbon dry cleaning technology was invented by professor Joseph De Simone of North Carolina State University in the US and won a $5 million environmental award from President Bill Clinton. The technology failed in the US. It failed in the UK when it was launched in a very high profile campaign by the UK government’s DEMOS (think tank) of the then (1993/4) Department of Trade Industry (DTI). Our 20 years’ fact findings lead us to believe now that the invention was a tax write off and deliberately engineered to fail dry cleaning and wool

1b) The death of both wool and dry cleaning had commenced with sheer intelligence. Years later, GreenEarth dry cleaning designed by General Electric and Proctor & Gamble was launched and failed in the US and UK. In the latter case, 300 Johnsons UK shops (a dry cleaning chain as widely reported by us earlier) were converted to GreenEarth in 2004, and failed. With capabilities that General Electric and Proctor & Gamble have, it is difficult to believe that the two intellectual and innovation giants should fail in any thing they under take.

1c) Hence, with the wealth of relevant knowledge we have amassed in 20 years, we can conclude that GreenEarth was also a tax write off to kill wool and dry cleaning. Intelligent drives thus far promoted the use of washable clothes and burdened the time poor western consumer with extra burden of doing their own washing and ironing. To do away with ironing, a new life style was invented to promote today’s look on your streets, offices, and dance floors to mention a few. Proctor & Gamble, after helping create the extra demand for washable clothes, invented the 30 degree detergent we recommended earlier for washing your hand knitted adjustable pure wool bracelets. The global turnover turn-over for this detergent was reported at $1 billion per annum earlier this year. Will this offset the losses incurred by designing and launching GreenEarth? We leave this open for debate.

1d) Fred Butler, the liquid carbon dioxide dry cleaning technology was launched by the giants Linde of Germany and failed. It is currently struggling to establish footholds in Germany and Holland. Was this another tax write off and another intelligent move to kill wool and dry cleaning? Again, we leave this open for debate.

1e) Investigations by Which? the reputed UK consumer magazine in April this year, coincided with Adidas’ doing away with the lovable V-necked pure wool jumper in the same month. Again, from our 20 years self dependent investigations of the last 20 years, we deem this as the most intelligent moves of all to achieve more than to kill wool and dry cleaning. This time, intelligent campaigns sucked us in a black hole. With hind sight, we know now that Which? magazine, Adidas, and others mentioned above knew the UK dry cleaning industry, the chains and independent dry cleaners did not have a case to make against Which? charges of dry cleaning being a ‘dirty business’ as trumpeted on the front cover of the Magazine’s April’s issue.

1f) Whether the killers of wool and dry cleaning foresaw our intelligence or lack of it to see the danger and respond or not, we did. Our precision timing to hit Adidas very hard (so they won’t get up) shook parts of the world that have been hard at work to dismantle the UK wool industry and dry cleaning for nearly 2 decades. The bonus prize was to have CCCC future dry cleaning innovations- dead in its tracks. We re packaged the torpedo and hurled it back at them all. We realise the magnitude of our gain and are building on it.

2) So far, we tried to justify 1991 as a datum to shrink the domain of T’s universal field of debate. Sorry it took so long.
3) We then recalled experiences from the field of environmental/public health engineering preventative measures to kerb the spread of communicable diseases. For example, to control cholera, engineers control the water environment in the area of the epidemic so that clinicians move in and kill Vibrio Cholerae (the pathogen responsible for the disease). Colin Powell may have borrowed this model in his gulf water to ‘Surround Saddam’s army, and then kill it’. It worked comprehensively.
4) Over the past 2 sessions with T, we have been heavily borrowing from something Warren Buffet, the world’s richest man and serial investor said recently. Referring to the AIG – Banking – US government crisis, he said that a bunch of guys have been swimming with no swimming trunks. Now that the tides have gone down, they are all exposed. We presume, he meant that none of them know what to do while experiencing sheer and wholesome embarrassments
5) We took the swimming trunks as a bat to use scoring sixes (cricket) against T who tried all manners of bowling he could use. Despite David Icke and all, T is a good bowler. To give you a taste of his making cases for debate, try this: That continued losses by the British £ against Euro was engineered by Gordon Brown’s advisors and think tanks so that the £ reaches parity with the Euro. When that happens, he argued and won us over (T’s detailed accounts omitted to remain focused), then Investors will invest in British £ rather than in Euros due to Britain’s relative political stability than the Euro domain main land Europe. The latter, T believes is lesser stable, politically than UK for the foreseeable future from the investor’s view point
6) We rather not bring the US $ in to this debate for various reasons. If any one wants a reason, then T says and we agree on this occasion that the US uni polar leadership, her dollar, foreign trade, instruments such as the world bank and IMF got us all in the mess we are in. Can the $ be trusted in the investor-specific time slot under debate? None of us know, but as engineers here at CCCC Limited, we rather use a hefty factor of safety, and rule the $ out for what it has done to wool and dry cleaning. Deduct from the $’s role in item 1) above
7) Back to the swimming trunks: We choose to give the trunks prominence over the 6,000 years, our wool–specific study period. We will postulate that the world as we know it was made by establishments, empires and world conquerors who all wore swimming trunks. Or so we have been told for 6, 000 years. The reality is that those who built the world as we know it, made us believe that it is absolutely unthinkable for them not to have worn swimming trunks. Simpler still, the world could not have been built without those in-charge in swimming trunks.
7a) Those in-charge of today’s world had convinced us that they too carried on with their swimming on. In fact, we’ve been led to believe that the bipolar world (with the Soviet Union in play) or the uni-polar world could not have given us this world without swimming trunks firmly on. They will even refer us to history to prove it. So, history is written by those wearing swimming trunks. We now have good reasons to believe in most of what T believes to prove that he and his guru, David Icke are the products of world leaders past and present, all in swimming trunks. David Icke’s 150 bibliographies are based on foundations with heavy doses of reasoning and logic affected by the decision making/enforcing swimming trunk wearers.

7b) Now, we know that the uni-polar world leaders of the ‘free world’ were caught with no swimming trunks. Tracing our steps back to history, we can deduct that no leaders and those in-charge ever wore swimming trunks at all!!! Black becomes white and vice versa. The iron curtain was drawn to divide Europe and to create a bipolar world by the Soviet leaders who told us they were wearing swimming trunks. Eisenhower and allies told us they were wearing swimming trunks, but weren’t.

7c) Communism was built and propagated by liars. It fell. Capitalism must have been built by liars (no swimming trunks). Will it fall too? This is a question often asked by experts nowadays?

7d) We (Mohammad) are dealing with complex issues here. Our hanging on to the swimming trunks silenced T and sent him home to rearrange his ammunition for a return combat. We are happy with that. However, we have no idea of your take on our unorthodox hypothesis. We hope that some of you will comment as one did to put us right on the issue of air miles assumed for shipping goods as opposed to the reality of the prevailing sea freight. We do not mind rebuttals and debates of any sort.

7e) We assured T that our general mood for conducting debates over the year has been in an atmosphere of sheer excitement and a child-like outlook of positivity at all times. We are fortunate in our retirement age to be given opportunities as a result of discovering the importance of the swimming related issues. While the liars are trying to patch things up and explain their embarrassments, we wish them well to succeed for all of our sakes.

7f) What we are asking them to do is to leave us follow wool that we have seen to work as a model for almost any thing one can think of, seriously. We had cleaned it. We saw it produce good business, consumer satisfaction and happiness. If we follow wool, we said to T, we cannot go wrong. We can tackle any thorny issue in Britain, even the world without upsetting any one or creating further polarities for destructive and divisive purposes. We challenged T to try us with something, any thing national, global, topical or historic, even if we have to break the taboo of us promising not to get geo political. We can make an exception for a one off trial.

7g) T tried the obvious. We said earlier that he is a good bowler. He has always maintained that being a first generation Afghan immigrant, a Muslim, and changing preferences to be called Mohammad instead of Karim (known most of our life as Karim), we must be trying to right the allegedly wrong things done to Afghans, the Muslims, Iraq, Palestine and all the rest of it. Our adopting the name Mohammad instead of Karim was by default in a way. Going through British coutrs, two prisons (we were imprisoned for mentioning dry cleaning in public!), and red tape, we were repeatedly refered to as Mohammad despite our protestations. No one listened. Mohammad was itched in people's memeories and we had to get used to being called Mohammad. It was really weird. It still is, but there you go.

7h) We will not be surprised if a lot of people reading us did not entertain the same thoughts as T did about us, especially after reading our Kamikaze deliberations in the Kaz in Egham blog. So, here is an opportunity to explain all. We did come across as every thing portrayed by our earlier writings since the early 90s on subjects endearing to those promoting global terrorism and related issues. We were misunderstood. Our writings were ‘twisted’ to mean we were inflammatory. These upset our supporters of business and innovative ideas.

7i) Our coming across as the most wanted man on earth ahead on Bin Laden (no joke as we convinced T today) was by default, and certainly not by design. We shocked and we awed Britain not to go to wars to protect national interests. No one believed us we genuinely treated Britain as home and having sat out to protect her interests single handed.

7j) T singled out the Israeli versus Hammas current conflict with 360 Palestinians and 4 Israelis dead in the last 4 days. Adhering to 6,000 years of history (wool) and the swimming trunks as our cricket bat, we proceeded thus: The last 4 days and all else before it from 1948 onwards were caused by lying swimming trunk wearers on both sides! To start with, this will put an end to who did what, when and how many UN resolutions were ignored by both parties. Israel is there and now, and so are Hammas. What can any one do to help? Nothing, absolutely nothing at all.

7k) Skipping an hour of bowling and batting, we convinced T that we have 2 rights in the battle field and that there is no wrong. Two rights are like parallel lines that will never meet. Hence, there are no solutions given realities on the ground. The helpful world is only fooling themselves, without necessarily knowing it. The two sides will have to fight it out for decades if previous Camp Davids, Road maps etc are adhered to.

7l) Israel is right because in order to survive, she had to build one of the strongest military forces on the planet capable of destroying the whole of the Arab world and Iran if they were threatened to extinction. They can only fight with they’ve got. Their military was designed and built for conducting conventional military warfare ready to battle with opposing conventional military capabilities. If Hammas, and the rest of the Arab world doesn’t have even a combined conventional force to face Israel, then that’s tough luck from an Israeli view point, is it not?

7m) Israel is equipped to destroy armies tens of thousands strong, wipe out tank battalions, air force bases housing 100s of bombers ready to take off and wipe out Israel and Iran developing nuclear power and testing vehicles capable of reaching Israel easily. Now, if Hammas, in this case, cannot be man enough to conduct a conventional military battle with Israel, uses civilians as human shields to launch Kassam rockets at Israeli cities (and ranges got longer today!), then can you blame Israel not hitting back with they’ve got? What they’ve got will not only destroy a single house where rockets are launched from. It will take out the entire neighbourhood with considerable collateral damage. Remember that they are only using what they have. No more. At the same time, they have no small logistics for destroying smaller targets.

7n) Still remaining on course about the Israeli right, we go on to report what Israel genuinely believes she should do. She has vowed to get rid of Hammas whatever it takes. Only then, can innocent Israeli citizens in the south can recover from mental illness and human costs incalculable by monetary units.

7o) Now, what are Hammas’ rights? They won an election democratically. Ismael Hanniah and cabinet are the representatives of Gaza, and some of the West Bank. Their democracy was ignored by the US, EU, and Israel. They are considered by democracies of the west as terrorists. Yet, the democratic procedures for Hammas coming to power was no different than those practised in Britain, the US, EU and Israel herself.

7p) Hence, the two rights, and the two parallel lines never meeting or crossing to instrument peaceful negotiations. We convinced T that despite what he or some readers may think, we have no time to waste on the Israeli – Hammas issues, even if we wanted to. Others can if they wish, but we want no part of it. As to whether we are able to offer solutions and to get involved, our answer is a firm negative. We have wool, social responsibility and then dry cleaning to do for various good reasons and causes. However, if wool and related good deeds shed helpful light in a manner this blog post may have achieved, then that would be one example of our being thrilled like a child waiting for other good things to come out of our proving white to be black.
7q) Our thanks to Warren Buffet, the serial investor. Our using of his example as the best bat we could use against the skilful bowler T just happened. We are in a mood to announce that we are living such a wonderfully rich life at the moment that couldn’t care less for drawing Mr Buffet’s or any one else’s attention to invest in us when the time comes. In our view, what we have achieved to date is worth a world to us and others at no extra cost to us. We do not need to wait to become rich first and then exercise social responsibility. If we are worth investing in, then our projects will attract investment. As we said, earlier, this is not about us. It’s about a whole host of other things with wool and believe or not, dry cleaning showing us the way. We will be delighted if Mr Buffet and all others invested in our innovative ideas, without due regards as to who we are. What they need to know is that ethical, moral values and common sense means a lot to us, and nothing will make us deviate from achieving the former two while the latter guides us.

7r) We conclude with T’s query on Afghanistan: Black is white. Afghan democracy was installed by swimming trunk wearers who didn’t wear any. We are not sure about Alqaeda and Taliban whether they are or have been wearing swimming trunks all along. We simply do not know. We have been told what they have been saying to the world. The west and us (Mohammad) have not really seen and heard them address us, directly. Mullah Omar, Bin Laden if alive, Al Zawaheri and others have not appeared on our TV screens and tell us what on earth they want from the rest of us. This is so easily doable.

7s) To be consistent in this post, let us assume that Taliban and Alqaeda have also been liars and have not been wearing swimming trunks. Wool comes to the rescue and helps us make a noninflamatory and neutral suggestion. In fact cotton does. Why not Afghanistan become a larger GM/BT cotton grower and join the ranks of the US, China, and India to solve the poppy growing problem, and to remain out of the lime lights of international press and media. Better still, we give Turkmenistan as an example of how Afghanistan can be a ‘cotton democracy’ Like President Niazoff’s (Turkmenbashi) Turkmenistan?

7t) The term Bashi is used in Afghanistan to designate a man in-charge of a work force of ten men or more. In Turkmenistan, it means a lot more. President Niazoff’s nation have come to love their president so much that the parliament keeps on recommending Turkmenbashi to accept the title and powers of president for life. The president is sick and tired of issuing presidential decrees immediately after parliamentary recommendations refusing to remain in power beyond a certain date in future (a longish period, actually). He has warned the parliament to stop recommending him as president for life with immediate effect. Will the parliament listen? They haven’t yet, and god knows what the president will do next.

7u) Turkmenbashi has announced his father posthumously as the greatest Turkmen leader. His mother is the hero of the nation and the president has named Monday after her we believe. Secondary school pupils love the president so much that they can’t wait to get to BT cotton fileds and work for 2 British pence a day.
We cannot honesty see how president Hamed Karzai and the Americans have not applied the ‘cotton democracy’ in Afghanistan and put an end to all the nonsense propaganda about him and his regime. He can name the holy day of the week (Friday) after his mother to start with. That will put an end to Channel 4’s reporting of the thieving cabinet members stealing all the foreign aid money and amassing them in Swiss banks, while Afghans in the north sell their 10 year old sons for $1,500 a go to feed the rest of their large families this coming winter.

Wool and it’s exposing over kills by cotton is pleased to have been socially responsible in this post on a global level. Mr Henrik Kuffner may be pleased to know for actions that IWTO and others may take during 2009, the IYNF.


Monday, 29 December 2008

An oversight

Post number 40

We reported from figures by the FAO in post number 39 that China does not produce any wool at all. We discovered on double checking our facts that New Zealand, China, India, Iran, Argentina, UK and each produce about 50,000 of wool per year.

At the same time New Zealand, produced nearly 15% of the world’s total wool in 2003/4 ( Assuming that the FAO’s figure of 50,000 is valid for 2003 for China, then the world’s total wool production for that year was 333,333 tons. How does this compare with other national figures from around the world and FAO records?

Our erroneous reporting that China does not produce any wool at all according to FAO came from total value of export earnings for the top 14 fibre producing countries. China as reported by the FAO earns $411 million from exporting silk and $134 million from cotton. China earns nothing from exporting wool. This is in agreement with our reporting in post number 39.

It would still appear that China consumes most of the world’s wool internally for purposes other than making wool textiles and/or garments for domestic use and exports. As mentioned earlier, we have reasons to believe that China uses the world’s wool for insulating buildings. We stand by our claim until the world tells us otherwise through sending comments to our blog. We haven't come across any production figures for China's production of wool carpets and interior furnishings but are searching. One reason we have ignored carpets is that coarser wool grades are used for this purpose that are unsuitable for making garments.

A situation that really needs closer scrutiny is a fact reported by That the demand for New Zealnd's finer grades of wool in China increased in the earlier parts of this decade. Do these grades make better building insulation? Perhaps, the Australians and New Zealanders can shed light and report to Mr Kuffner, direct.

We regret the oversight in post number 39, and apologise to blog readers, the FAO, Mr Henrik Kuffner, through him the UN General Assembly, and a few British Rare Sheep Breeders whom we emailed yesterday, concurrent with publishing post number 39, for having misled you all momentarily.


Sunday, 28 December 2008

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Post number 39

The whole of the IYNF's programme of work by the FAO relies on the assumption that China does not produce any wool at all. This is false, and the year ahead needs to be planned afresh with revised presentations, seminars and all the rest of it.

Our self-dependent comments on FAO’s notes on natural fibres issued for 2009 International Year of Natural Fibres in

We emphasise that views expressed are ours alone and do not reflect opinions of others. Our blog that covers related subjects widely is written in a style and language that every one is intended to benefit from and gain knowledge not reported elsewhere. We address the public at large, the business world, investors, industrialists, environmental workers, academics, historians, and almost any one else one can think of. We offer these explanations so that our new readers in FAO and the UN General Assembly do not build impressions that we veer from subject to subject wildly or that we do not have pre determined goals to achieve.

In our views, the world economic downturn in general and that of the UK in particular have major implications on the whole philosophy, design and implementation of the FAO’s programme of work and detailed seminars and presentations planned for execution in venues around the world. 2009 was recommended in 2006 by the UN General Assembly and a resolution passed by them for the FAO to implement.

Our exhaustive self-dependent work spanning more than 20 years has not been taken seriously by anyone involved in promoting natural fibres. This was chiefly due to the failure of dry cleaning in the advanced world to provide reliable after-care for the cleaning of wool mainly, but other natural fibres too, e.g. silk and linen. We have removed the endemic bottle necks that have crippled the use of wool in the UK and elsewhere for making garments.

We will use topics from the FAO document as our ‘road map’ in the proceeding posts in the blog and announce factors that will and should hugely, even adversely affect the programmes scheduled by the FAO during 2009. We will send blog posts as e-mails to and Mr Henrik Kuffner of the iwto (further contact details in post number 37) as first ports of call for both to inform the UN General Assembly to amend resolutions passed and issue new directives to the FAO for a major re think on next year’s programmes of work and implementation.

We regret that our alarming observations could not be announced earlier because the economic changes and the ensuing global economic recession took us all by surprise. However, despite the bad news every where, we have exciting good news that have come about as a result of current uncertainties. Our good news affects wool mainly from the UK’s stand points and will be beneficial for other wool producing nations.

We have selected Mr Kuffner and IWTO as a channel of communicating to the UN’s General Assembly because he issued a press release in January or May of 2007 from New York/Brussels on the subject of the UN General Assembly’s initiating 2009 as the International Year of Natural Fibres. It is hoped that both the FAO and Mr Kuffner will pass on our justified concerns to the UN’s General Assembly for issuing amendments and revisions to their initial resolutions of 2006 when the world followed a different economic regime and enjoyed a boom that some natural fibres benefited more than others. Wool certainly suffered and continues to do so in the UK.

In addition to case studies and other information teams UK, Australia, New Zealand and some others from 100 wool producing nations may present for wool for garments in the IYNF conferences and seminars, we will ensure that factors below are not overlooked:

1) The FAO notes on natural fibres reports that China produces no wool at all. This is an outrageous omission by a reputed world body such as the FAO to say the least. It is widely reported that China has the largest population of sheep and goats per head of population in the world and beats Australia to the second place. FAO itself (cited by Earth Policy Institute updated the figure for China to 298 million sheep and goats on 9 January 2004. What does China do with the wool? We have reasons to believe that China buries it in wall cavities as insulation. We have no evidence to report of China using wool for textiles and garments either for home consumption or for export to the world
2) As reported elsewhere in our blog and further evidence will be published in due course, China receives most of Australia’s wool and that of New Zealand. Australia started exporting wool to China in 1991 and New Zealand reported a reduction in the earlier years of this century. The UK too exports her wool to China. What does China do with all the imported wool?
3) If China buried the wool to insulate buildings, what does she do now with the mountains of wool accumulated thus far, now that the Chinese construction industries have shrank to size? Use wool to feed land fill sites? Is that the best ethical, moral, and environmental uses for the one of earth’s precious natural resources, the fibre of the gods? Such unethical practises by China in collusion with the US and India have rendered the masses unemployed and deprived of scratching a livelihood in Latin America as just one example. They cannot compete with China and India to beat the latter’s low production costs
4) China may be self sufficient now in wool for building insulation and may have already stopped the importation of wool from other countries. What do the UK, Australia, New Zealand and other wool producers do with their wool now? Destine them to land fill site? UK is running out of land fill sites if local authority taxes charged is any thing to go by. The Local Government Association reported last week that the current charge is £38 per ton of waste destined to land fill sites. This figure may be increased to £138 per ton to deter producers of waste
5) Oxfam UK alone reported last week that their 22,000 square feet of storage space in the Yorkshire area receives mountains of surplus garments sent from their UK national charity shop outlets. The situation is a nightmare for Oxfam staff that is overwhelmed by the volume of waste they receive. It must be emphasised that most of the garments received are the discarded items by our throw away society who are spoilt by cheap and nasty cotton and man made imported clothes the bulk of which comes from China. Has the latter been burying wool to keep global demand for cotton high, with another major cotton producers, the USA, turning a blind eye, while enjoying the cheap cotton imports? Oxfam segregates unwanted throw away clothes for exporting to poorer nations (probably countries like India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Mauritius and elsewhere – countries where these cheap imports were made and shipped to the UK!!!). There may be another nightmare waiting to hit the cotton world itself. Lower consumer spending power in the UK (USA too) will result in lower purchases of even cheap cotton imports. In fact, the UK reported toady that Adams, a children clothes retailer with 200 national outlets went to the administrators with 2,000 job losses
6) World poverty is relative. Just because the UK is ranked to be the fifth largest economy in the world, it does not mean that the UK doesn’t have any poor people. Sticking to wool, some UK sheep farmers have been reduced to living on state benefit, not high lighted by the UK press and media. Farmers in general may have received over payments of sorts as a result of a government error, about which the UK press and even the public ‘have gone to town’ and their cries and outrages continue to be echoed. But the same press and public remain resistant to promote wool, mutton (food security) and related industries who depend on wool for their livelihoods
7) The UK consumer is generally resistant to GM food to an extent that major supermarkets such as TESCO, Sainsbury, Morrison, ASDA, Waitrose and others do not sell GM foods as far as they admit verbally. A survey is needed to gauge consumer reactions to their wearing GM cotton. Questions such as do they have any objections to wearing GM (BT cotton from USA, China and India, at least) T-shirts, Jeans, denims, and combat trousers need to be answered. Do they know at all that they are wearing BT cotton? Garments are not BT/GM labelled. Should they be? If not, why not?

The fact alone that the FAO reports on the one hand that China does not produce any wool at all, but on the other, reports China’s sheep and goat population at nearly 300 million in 2003 are in serious contrast to say the least. We firmly believe that Mr Henrik Kuffner of the IWTO should communicate this anomaly to the UN’s General Assembly who should in turn question FAO’s facts and figures on the global wool situation. Above issues should not pale in to insignificance the following important factors:

8) Changes in carbon energy tariffs to the UK consumer: These may have risen by 30% or thereabouts in the last year. The credit crunch and major unemployment have made every one feel the pinch, especially the increasingly older population who can either eat or heat in winters. Now that the UK wool has no place to go and may be destined to land fills, should it not be used to insulate bodies? The scenario equally applies to cold parts of Europe, Canada, USA, and elsewhere. FAO may realise that older programmes, lectures, seminars, and presentations may already be outdated before the IYNF even starts. Hence a major re think as we suggested at the onset of this post
9) New appraisals are needed to study the impact of all the air miles that cotton and wool travel and cross travel between the US, Asia, and the UK in relation to the de carboning of our energy consumption in the UK. This, coupled with new use of wool for garments may contribute positively to the net total of our energy figures and contribute to a reduction in global warming at least in a small way

We regret to inform UK and world (Facebook) blog readers that we will be deviating from our set course to do with the knitting café, promotion of mutton, unearthing more leads for the UK youth et al to network and get proactive with Survival Clubs, and something nice we have on the therapeutic aspects of knitting to alleviate chronic pains, stresses and even depression. We will fit these issues in when we can. Meanwhile, our using the FAO work programmes and itineraries as our road map for sometime to come, will provide indirect leads that our friends and supporters may pick up and hit grounds running with.


Saturday, 27 December 2008

More IWTO Congress of 07 attendees

Post number 38

In our view, organisations numbered 1 through to 6, 9, and 12 in post number 37 are friends of wool the fibre of the gods. We can appreciate their efforts in succeeding and empathise with them in facing insurmountable obstacles in their ways of progress. We really do.

We have come to learn through experience that the promoting of dry cleaning in urban societies is equal to the importance of promoting wool for garments. Like it or not, the 2 go hand in hand and are analogous to Siamese twins. Obstacles we faced in more than 20 years have been shocking and included shutting doors on us by the UK government, banks, two local authorities, the dry cleaning industries, global multinationals, environmentalists, universities, a thorough unprovoked beating up, a broken rib, a cracked scalp, life threatening phone calls and the sending of 2 thugs by Greanpeace to beat us up, the near arrest by the police in our trying to attend Runnymede Youth Festival on invitation on 9 September 2007 in Egham Sports Centre sponsored by Proctor & Gamble; to promote wool to Egham and International School pupils (We fled the scene), and a few more.

But this is not about us. It is about wool, the fabric of the gods and we move on.

It is clear from our investigations that it is not safe to promote wool or to even mention it in small ‘unorchistrated’ and informal gatherings. IWTO is a relatively large organisation and can have their Congresses and gatherings through their unity and strength in numbers, but that may be all!

We also remain very serious when we say now that even HRH the Prince of Wales, his Mutton Renaissance, the Rare Breeds, Survival Club, and NSA’s Mutton Renaissance Club have been and are unable to openly campaign for the promotion of wool. The best they can to do is to promote mutton and hope that people will use intelligence, realise the proximity of wool to mutton (only the skin separating the two) and will publicise wool. Our 20 years plus varied experiences also tell us that mutton itself has been kicked to touch and has remained out of sight by the food industry and the giant supermarkets.

For they know that to promote mutton will bring wool to the fore. That will be a threat to cheap and nasty BT cotton and man made clothes they are piling high and selling cheap. The rest of the opposition continue to dumb down next generations to ultimately become complete morons incapable of distinguishing between having rich choices of alternatives in life or to remain in Jeans, T-shirts and combat uniforms like Chairman Mao’s communist China did in their buttoned up padded uniforms.

Other organisations mentioned in post number 37 are either no friends of wool or are misguided friends whose attitudes need correcting with help from bottom to top through efforts by the UK youth et al as defined in post number 37.

Ironically, this blog and its publisher remain the only ray of hope for promoting wool because we are ‘oven baked’, were severely tested and have come out it all alive and well. We realise the importance of this blog to all and are determined to remain proactive to galvanise all interest groups, and urge them to net work and gain strength to face mountains of opposition to bring a parity between the use of cotton and man made fibres on the one hand and wool and other natural fibres on the other.

We promised to publish details of the IWTO Congress of 07 in this post. Please contact them and offer support. Some of them may take part in the IYNF in Rome and other venues around the world soon. If email addresses are no longer correct, please contact IWTO Brussels for the latest updates (contact details in post number 37):

13) Dr Jurgen Kraatz, IVGT-Germany: The establishment is a major German textile specific outfit responsible for an annual turnover of over 5 billion Euros to the German coffers. An insignificant proportion of this may be for wool textiles owing to the near total absence of wool textiles and clothes in the market place. Dr Kraatz may be happy with status quo and promote over kills by cotton and made fabrics. UK youth et al and this blog will ensure to have a voice at the FAO and UN General Assembly to demand parity. Ph +49 ( 0) 6196 47 23 50 Fax +49 (0) 6196 47 23 40

14) Commercial Technology Forum Messrs Allan de Boos and Jim Marler Offer support and network

15) Mr Peter Duffield of Global Textile Associates is a United Kingdom company dealing in woven and knitted wool, other natural fibres and man-made fibres. The new world economic order has made at least northern Europe a lot more energy conscious than were earlier. Wool should and with our help will be given priority to insulate cold bodies in winters to effect savings in house hold bills. Mr Duffield’s promoting organic fibres and man-made fibres will be questioned in 2009 IYNF in Rome and elsewhere. Fax +44 (0) 1133 010 208

16) Market Intelligence Forum – Wool Apparel: Panel session was moderated by Mr Chris Wilcox Chris_Wilcox@WOOL.COM. Paper presented by Mr Mark Dolling, Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, +61 8 9368 3333 Fax +61 8 9474 2405, Youth et all, offer maximum support and network

17) Mr David Rigby on ‘Issues for the demand for Apparel Wool, principal, David Rigby & Associates, ph +44 (0) 161 975 5115 Fax +44 (0) 161 442 3895 Offer maximum support and network

18) Retail Apparel Club: Mr James Sugden, Group Managing Director of Johnstons of Elgin. Full details in post number 37. Offer maximum support and network

19) Ditto but Mr Mark Henderson, CEO of Saville Row Gieves and Hwakes, on “Saville Row – keeping its cutting edge 200 years on, United Kingdom, ph +44 (020) 7434 2001 Fax +44 (020) 7437 1092, Offer full support and network

20) Ditto but Dr Englebert (not Humperdink) Precht, Manging Director, Eurofins Medigenomix GmbH, Germany,, +49 (0) 8092 82 89 77, No disrespect but treat with suspicion. What was he doing in the retail club if the company’s interests are in genetics according to their website, benign or not? The Congress we take it was about wool textiles, wholesome as sheered from sheep, nothing added, nor taken away

21) Beryl Gibson, International Style Consultant, United Kingdom. We looked her up and linked her with mobile +44 07971 069 465. Lorraine in turn is linked with Yorkshire mills and textiles woven there and promotes clothes styled for Carry Grant and Alfred Hitchcock et al. Offer full support and network

Some others too, but youth et al, the knitting café organisers (your job is not easy either) and all others may get the full list from IWTO Brussels.

We conclude this post by clarifying that if any individual and organisations listed here and elsewhere as friends of wool, associated businesses and causes including Mutton Renaissance and Mutton Renaissance Club face obstacles we faced in our 20 years of work, should report incidences to us. Either directly through our details they may have, this blog or Facebook. We will expose them and get Egham and Surrey Police on to them. We are not joking.

Some of the devices used may take the form of mockery, declaring wool promoters and doers of good causes as mad, eccentric or just plain bonkers. We could not think of a better example than HRH the Prince of Wales in this respect. Did any one know that he learnt things from a person called Laurens Jan van der Post? Jan van der Post was a Belgian or Dutch post office woman van driver, the UK press and media will have you know? Bastards and Bitches (we say endearingly!). You may look her up. Then some one told HRH that the Kalahari Bushman was as intelligent and progressive as any city man anywhere (it was 25 years ago and we may have forgotton the precise statment), and HRH believed him. Oh dear.


Wednesday, 24 December 2008

IWTO Congress of 07 in Edinburgh. Who was there?

Post number 37

The International Wool Textile Organisation IWTO with its’ head office in Brussels( ph +32 2 505 40 10 fax +32 2 503 47 85) named wool as the ‘fibre of the gods’ in their Congress of 13 – 16 May 2007 as we mentioned earlier. IWTO’s late president Michael Lempriere who was killed in a car crash in New Zealand (while promoting wool?) said in the Congress:

“IWTO Congress is the only global forum where key wool industry players from consumer to farm can openly define the strategic direction that the industry must take. Wool must command the higher ground – there is no place for ‘cheap and nasty’ in our customer demographic.”

Nothing much happened since May 2007 to date to make ‘fibre of the gods’ a house hold name. With 2009 as the International Year of Natural Fibres, programmes and seminars are already scheduled for next year in venues around the world. We can with UK youth et al (members of Survival Clubs and university students and any others) rally support. One way is to offer help to publicise IWTO 07 Congress participants to UK and the world and team up with them to publicise wool.

For example, have IWTO made logos, badges, and brochures that UK youth et al can have access to, wear and distribute? Can the London knitting café (we haven’t forgotten them) sell or give badges away? We list below the main Congress 07 sponsors:

1) H. Dawson wool suppliers since 1888: No other user friendly contact details on the website, but we have drawn H. Dawson’s attention to the matter
2) Lochcarran of Scotland, world famous Scottish cashmere Tartan and knitwear (for sale in London knitting café?): Enquiries at ph +44 0 1750 726 000 fax +44 0 1750 724 100
3) Lochcarran USA: ph +1 603 356 3369 fax +1 603 356 2554
4) Lochcarron Canada: ph +1 705 728 4932 fax +1 705 728 5923
5) AWTA, Australian owners of the world famous ‘WOOLMARK’ and the same as Australian Wool Innovation Limited ph Australia tollfree 1800 070 099
6) G. Modiano Limited is a global company supplying wool with offices around the world: www.gmodianocom Website not user friendly for public. Members sign on only. Become members UK youth et al. You will have established links between yourselves, Modiano, and sheep farmers.
7) Scottish Enterprise: Supporting Scotland’s businesses,, telephone helpline within Scotland is provided by 0845 607 8787, from elsewhere in the UK and from mobile phones +44 0141 228 2000. No user friendly email address, UK youth et al, but remember that these are one of the people who do things from top to bottom. Change it! Ask Scottish Enterprise to provide a simple email address for linking the public to them direct. This would be the first of your doing things bottom to top. This is something for Scottish Harris Tweed weaving school kids to do. They would be linking Scottish Education to Scottish Enterprise and sponsors in this list in ways that we will all know and demand action when things are not moving. Don’t get out on streets to do it, or you will not be a part of CCCC Limited’s social responsibility projects. Are we being political? We don’t think so. Wool, the ‘guide dog’ leads us to be socially responsible without harming any one and then do business (our test bed in London with investor ready to invest when all of us have parachuted to safety from our various free falls)
8) Johnstons since 1797:, press enquiries on 0044 0 1450 360 500, trade enquiries on 0044 0 1343 554000, mail order enquiries on 0044 0 1343 554040. No user friendly email address, and this may be a bottle neck for encouraging sales? It’s a bit like the shop door is jammed and staff will have to open it from inside to allow each customer
9) Messe Frankfurt: are one of Europe’s largest outfits organising exhibitions, congresses, and events. According to their website, in 2008, 36 trade fairs were held, 39,800 exhibitors took part and 1.54 million visitors benefited from offerings. What did Messe do to promote ‘the fibre of the gods’ since May 2007 when they left the IWTO Congress of 2007 in Edinburgh? What about the late Michael Limpriere’s powerful message the ‘cheap and nasty…’? Did it not sink in? Well, Messe have a big role next year and will house an event in Frankfurt for the IYNF for the FAO. UK youth et al, ensure Messe sell wool badges by IWTO, displays brochures and do all the rest Messe is good at. Messe sponsored the Messe golf trophy for IWTO 07 Congress on the world-famous Kings Course at Gleneagles (probably not as famous as Egham’s world-famous Wentworth golf club but there you go) on 17 May 2007
10) Standard Wool UK: International Wool Merchant +44 0 1924 465023 fax +44 0 1924 465 279, What campaigns did they do since May 2007 to promote wool for garments? Something else to do UK youth et al. Get Standard wool to high light the plight of sheep farmers
11) British Wool: are the British Wool Marketing Board. The website is useless for promoting wool for garments. The message is that British wool is used for carpets and flooring. This market is dead due a dead housing market, credit crunch, export to China, you name it. British Wool Marketing Board is therefore dead by deduction. They might as well close shop and go home. They may have to soon, any way. Look around you: Woolworths, 6 other retail outlets to follow suit (news of 10 minutes ago), Toyota (even in Japan), Nissan, Honda (have threatened the Japanese government that unless they do something, Honda will move its head office out of Japan!!! Translated to English, that means in our view if HRH the Prince of Wales threatened to move out of Kensington Palace (or wherever. We are not bovered) if people didn’t start eating mutton, and left the UK to live in Waziristan! Well, sort of)… However, UK youth et al, the British Wool Marketing Board is also in the Road Runner free fall. Provide them with a CCCC Limited parachute for landing safely. They could then start afresh as you will guide them. Do it.
12) Howarth Scouring Company: We bumped into Barack Obama again. Somebody scouring various blogs for him. Well, some body should scour this blog for him. Any way, he is every where, and as long as he knows the true meaning of ‘Lincoln Longwool’ the world can take a sigh of relief. We were looking under Howard not Howarth. Bloody hell! (Sorry) There he is again. Obama appoints John J Howarth (shall we call him JJ?) as vice president investor relations. Who is yours, Gordon? Conclusions thus far: Obama obstructs Mohammad’s wool campaigns by taking over the internet, to avoid getting shot at! Howarth Scouring Company haven’t heard of the web never mind having a site. Boy, have we got work to do, kids?

Just get mum to drive you to Mr Edward Harding of the Exmoor Horn Sheep Breeder Society (remember him, also of Mutton Renaissance Club? Ph secretary Mrs Gina Rawle +44 0 1643 831 593, and take a spare Gerry can of diesel for his clapped out Subaru saloon 4X4. Sing 'another brick in the wall' by Pink Floyd with mum in car. Calm down mum if she goes all crazy.

Mr Harding will drive you to Howarth Souring Company where you can hand them in your old computer and get them started. On the way, Mr Harding will tell you that wool is guiding us to innovate innovation and we are doing it. You can set up a fund trust and collect money from the list above with Mr Harding doing the mechanics of it. You can strengthen Survival clubs and have money for becoming citizen journalists and make a pest of yourselves to get answers but no more than what conventional journalists and paparazzi do, and stuff.

You may even bump into seeds for new businesses to start or sell ideas to others.

The next post will introduce the participants of the 07 Edinburgh Congress when you can ask them for help to promote the fibre of the gods so that the UK can participate in the INYNF in an impressive manner. For example, Mr Graham Burden of Marks and Spencer attended and spoke on “Organic apparel, its role in the market and the M&S programme in this area”.

The 07 Congress was about wool. So, Mr Burden may have included organic wool in his speech. If he spoke about other organic natural fibres, then he wasted the precious time dedicated to wool. Did he speak about organic cotton, for example? If he did, he wasted his time, the conferences and M&S precious resources.

Australian Wool innovation will tell you that wool accounts for 2.36% of total world fibres. We would remind every one that cotton with its BT type and man made fibres through tremendously hard hitting publicity drives by global giants such as Adidas have killed wool because of its threat to other fibres. will also tell you that wool constituted about 3.5% of Apparel (garment) fibre around the world in 2003.

Suppose Mr Graham Burden dedicated all of his time to promote organic wool only. What percentage of the total wool fibre makes up organic wool? The answer is X multiplied by 3.5% of the world’s total or nearly a fat zero %. So Mr Burden was promoting zero! If all of M&S’ publicity drives are based on such philosophies then no wonder they are not succeeding.

Its time Mr Stewart(?) Rose, the hands on CEO of M&S had a word with Mr Graham Burden and stopped him from taking part in the INYNF of the FAO in Rome and else where. People will laugh at M&S. We do not wish to be laughed at and in this aspect, dissociate ourselves from any thing M&S does to promote wool. In this case, M&S do not make common sense, and we can't have any of that. We have written to them to contact us but have been ignored. On the other hand, and since they are in the state of Road Runner free fall too, and are now making things up as they go along, then the UK youth et al can lend them a CCCC Limited parachute for safe landing.

Alghough we have written to M&S and drew attention of other IWTO members and organisers to prompt M&S to reply, we are unable at this stage to provide you with contact details. They too seem to be doing things top to bottom, and if you tried to target your enquiry to them, you will understand what we mean. Youth et all: Help M&S get consumer friendly so that our concerns and positive contributions reach them. How many other retailers can you change this way? Do it. 'We can move it, move it'. Hey, Facebook?

Don’t bother Mr Harding and all others now. They may be planning to have mutton for Christmas. Smart ones had already booked tables at the Ivy and other mutton serving restaurants months and weeks ago, respectively. Enjoy every one. Merry Christmas.


Monday, 22 December 2008

Where does all the wool go to?

Post number 36

An apology, first: We unreservedly apologise to the proprietors of the Ivy, management, staff, the patrons, NSA and rare breeds of sheep farmers for grouping the Ivy chefs and restaurant with our partially defined celebrities. The error was in the logic used whereby and while we meant to separate the Ivy from the others and justify the higher tariffs they may charge, we lost the thread. We take it you all know what we intended to say and you may have forgiven us for the oversight.

We have been having a quick look over the available data and it would appear that most of world’s wool ends up in China. We also have it from reliable sources that Austrian (not Australian) wool is imported to the UK while our wool is almost entirely exported to China. Do we import a special kind of wool from Austria that British sheep farmers do not produce? Could we suggest an alternative substitute we could use instead of importing?

Then there is another issue that seeks attention: The air miles that cotton covers from the US to Asia and from there back to the UK in our case, may be looked at in relation to air miles our wool travels to reach China. If we wore wool here, then we will have reduced the need for so much cotton and the associated air miles.

Indications are that our wool when made to clothes may also contribute towards recycling in an indirect way. Its’ use for clothes will reduce the bulk of unwanted cheap cotton destined to land fills each year. Moreover, wool has a man made burial place with a twin purpose. After use, garments can be shredded/pulverised and used in wall cavities for insulation. This would result in even lesser demand for land fill sites. China may use the entire world’s virgin new wool for insulation while they, the US, India and others promote cotton which reached proportions of over kill.

Selective environmentalist if we can coin a phrase for them, have turned a blind eye and seemingly pretend they know nothing of at least the GM version of cotton that has covered an incalculable surface areas of our population’s bodies. Their cherry picking of environmental issues comes across as highly unethical and verges on immorality. Clearly, there is no comment in this blog from Soil Association as we were promised. The world waits. Statement from Greenpeace John Sauven’s office that they don’t do GM is not good enough.

The children who may wish to get involved in our wool causes may already be ahead of us in seeing ways to get started. Well, good. They shouldn’t under estimate the amount of knowledge they already have. We provide you (let us address you directly) with threads to get you kick started, and you will do most of the rest. We should have grouped the university students with you lot, too. We just did.

We will continue along these lines and provide further support and threads.


Sunday, 21 December 2008

A closer look at Rare Breeds of British Sheep

Post number 35

Mutton Renaissance and Mutton Renaissance Club are two different organisations, but seemingly interlinked. The former was launched as long ago as 2004 by HRH the Prince of Wales to support British sheep farmers who were (still are and more due to further slump in British wool market) struggling to sell their older animals, and to get this delicious meat back on the nations’ plates, according to the former's website.

Mutton Renaissance’s website has a mutton restaurant map of Britain. A click of the mouse on the London and Southeast area revealed no less than 42 restaurants that serve mutton. How many are there in your area and have you tried them?

Mutton Renaissance has one source of support according to their website, NSA. The National Sheep Association (Julie Jennings on +44 01684 892 661) promotes Lamb Renaissance Club along with Exmoor Horn Sheep and associates.

While the nation, national radio and TV may disapprove of the HRH’s various campaigns (only one source of support for his mutton campaign), we for other reasons cannot offer comments one way or the other on the kaleidoscope of projects he is involved in, save his mutton campaign. The sheep doesn’t have to suffer unpopularity because the prince does. Since the prince promotes mutton, and we do wool, our paths have converged. If pushing forth our socially responsible projects happens to promote Mutton Renaissance and Mutton Renaissance Club, then that would have been a common sense thing that we would have done. CCCC Limited in its’ entirety is built on COMMON SENSE.

CCCC founder, like the prince is a non celebrity, if celebrity can be partially defined as knowing nothing, wearing genetically modified cotton clothes (BT cotton jeans, T-shirts, denims, and combat trousers) and crowding TV lounges, while dumbing down the English language to match the unfit for purpose dressing down, the pride taken in being nothing and proudly exhibiting it. Neither of us are any of these things.

100s of chefs and restaurants who offer mutton on their menus must be non celebrities too with the exception of the Ivy (+44 020 7836 4751, and others on the London and Southeast list of the mutton resaurant national map that we could not tell apart. They must be non celebrities because the nation hasn’t seen them on their TV screens. Some of these are:

Racine, number 239 Brompton Road London SW3, who are linked with both mutton promoting organisations on +44 020 7584 4477

The Wheatsheaf on Braishfield Road, Braishfield, Romsey, Hampshire, SO51 0QE, +44 01794 368 372,

The Salthouse, 63 Arlington Road, London NW8 0AE, 0207 7328 6626

Old Bridge Hotel, 1 High Street, Huntingdon, Cambs PE29 3TQ.

National TV has already realised that some popular entertainment programmes are suddenly dated due to credit crunch, people loosing jobs and homes through no fault of their own, and massive unemployment. One station was televising last week a rerun of an old documentary to do with sending English children to the country for safety during world war two. Reality and celebrity TV will become as mere jokes if people economise on food money.

What will people laugh at? A bunch of no bodies sticking asses from underneath duvets (Big Brother) with the message being that some one should insert something in them? The thought has entered our mind. We are normal, average and may represent millions of other British males entertaining same thoughts. That is what we are supposed to do. Think sex to talk about, dream about, feel inferior about our lack of prowess, and then take drugs and alcohol to drown our sorrows so that 'they' can sell, sell, sell.

While in a state of free fall, we wouldn’t be surprised if the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Five TV programme heads swarm around the mutton serving chefs and restaurants and gave them opportunities to entertain us with something refreshing. Like the government, and banks, they are devising solutions as they go along. You might even suspect them of making things up as they go alaong. They are in a state of panic. TV is no different. They will soon have to make things up as they go along and screen subjects that may be touching sore nerves and national sensitivities. We can offer help in this blog by suggesting what the children can do.

We reported earlier the analogy of the Road Runner cartoon in a British newspaper and the economy's free fall down an abyss. Banks are in free fall, and the housing market is too. So is TV programme making – in a free fall. Things planned for seasons ahead will have to be scrapped. There are vacuums to be filled. Some of this vacuum could be filled in by ideas in this blog and implemented by children to help TV programme chiefs in a fresh bottom to top approach.

Some readers (old group email recipients) may be extremely alarmed about our role in all this. What will we do given viewing and audio time if we succeed to secure these for effecting optimum impact for achieving goals? We can assure every one that our methods of achieving goals are in contrast with the practised norm.

We shall seek no publicity, will have no public face, will not be interviewed, and photographed. We have not been photographed for 22 years so that our face does not appear in a national paper, magazine or shown on TV. We have sat out long ago to beat Howard Hugh’s record of remaining anonymous. If they don’t know much about us, then they cannot destroy us. We intend to be sustainable to match the aims of our business and other aspirations, which are apolitical.

Taking an interest in rare breeds of sheep offer British children alternatives to widen their horizons; in their spare time - while not playing computer and hand held console games and other latest innovations, and browsing through social networking sites. They may adopt one of the following breeds, text and send sheep photos to each other. Scottish children may soon start weaving Harris Tweed as part of their environmental and ecological programmes. Network with them.

Rare Breeds from Rare Breed Survival Trust have a Survival Club that children can join at an annual membership of £5 per child and enjoy benefits offered by the Club.
1) Critical: Boreray
2) Endangered: Leicester Longwool, North Ronaldsay, and Teeswater
3) Vulnerable: Castlemilk Moorit, Devon and Cornwall Longwool, Hill Radnor, and Whitefaced Woodland
4) At Risk: Balwin, Cotswold, Lincoln Longwool (nothing to do with Abraham Lincoln who was a lover of wool and grew it on his face to promote it. For that, Americans shot him! He is Barrack Obama’s hero, and we warn the latter not to grow a beard no matter how much he loves wool, or he will be shot too.), Maux Loaghtan, Norfolk Horn, Portland, Soay, Wensledale, and Whitefaced Dartmoor
5) Minority (they will recognise us so won’t go to say hello. Instead, we may invite minority interest persons to join the knitting café. We have in mind, the likes of Trevor Phillip, Shami Chakrobati, Imran Khan – the Lawyer and MP David Lammie. Lammie, a minority baby! Get out there.): Dorset Down, Dorset Horn, Greyface Dartmoor, Oxford Down, and Shropshire
6) Other native breeds: Badgerface Welsh, Beulah, Black Welsh Mountain, Blackface (Scottish), Bluefaced Leicester, Border Leicester, Brecknock Hill, Cheviot, Clun Forest, Dalesbred, Derbyshire Gristone, Devon Closewool, Exmoor Horn, Hampshire Down, Hebridean, Herdwick, Jacob, Kerry Hill, Lladdovery, Whiteface Hill, Llanwenog, Lleyn, Lonk, North County Cheviot, Romney, Rough Fell, Ryeland, Shetland, Southdown, South Wales Mountain, Suffolk, Swaledale, Welsh Hill Speckled, , Welsh Mountain, and Wiltshire Horn

For Children who’d rather not get involved in things associated with the Prince of Wales say through parental or peer pressure, then there are other rare breeds to look into and get involved. They are pigs, cattle, goats and poultry. If they see no reason to get involved in mutton and wool issues, then they may ponder about this:

If they want to have a say in how things should done in future (they will be doing it) and to change things, then they will instantly recognise that to bring about change, things need to be done bottom upwards. So far, they have watched what others decided they should watch, think along the lines the top has drawn for them to follow, read what the press want them to read, learn from old hymn sheets, and more. Wool (we called it our guide dog for very good reasons) and mutton will be search lights for the children to see other problems areas. If they join wool and mutton movements and we emphasise, in the absence of better ideas of their own, then we can assure them they wouldn’t go wrong.

We have seen wool from start to finish and have not seen disadvantages that would affect people’s lives and livelihoods in adverse ways. Children can also see real motives behind Adidas’ move to do away with the lovable huggable V-necked cable knit cricket wool jumper.

To destroy the remnants of British Unity, culture, education, history and any thing else that makes children proud to be British, seems to be Adidas’ aims. We would argue that Adidas is no friend, is only after making money, promote Clima-Cool man made fibres through cricket and cover the world with it. English wool cloth did that once. Wool remains a threat to Adidas and other global brands. They have done their damnest not to see a single fibre of wool ever used again to make clothes. Did the coolest ever Englishman and ‘the delighted one’ not see this? Did the ECB not see this? Perhaps now they will. World cricket, we call on you to support us, because you will be next.

Will Pringles of Scotland(golf jumpers) be next? We will have a look in due course. ‘Will the children be next, will be next, will be next?’ They have been and are the next!

How many different colour varieties of adjustable wool bracelets can the children envisage? Each representing a rare breed they would have adopted to promote to survive. Wool colours beautifully, at least according to Australian Wool Innovations Limited (, who have done masses of research to promote wool for garments. They may have given up on dry cleaning but could have had a change of heart…They had a strong representation in Wool Congress of 2007 in Edinburgh. Australia produces some of the finest wool in the world, are the number one wool producers followed by New Zealand China.

Scotland makes some of the finest wool fabrics in the world. Is that why there is a strong link between Australian Wool and Scottish Enterprise, Scottish Education, Lochcaran of Scotland, Modianos, Johstons since the 1700s and others (complete list and correct spellings in an earlier blog post) to revitalise trade? We believe so. Scottish industries of Harris Tweed and Tartan can be set up in Australia once wool regains its position on the list of fibres as the fibre of the gods. Soon we will have the back up of the UN's General Assembly and its' FAO.

Hand wash your hand knitted wool bracelets in Proctor & Gamble’s (an Egham business) newish detergents that washes well in 30 degrees C and drip dry. Don’t put them in dryers. Heat drying wool makes it shrink.

Some of the rare breeds we listed above have their own websites, societies and clubs. We looked some of them up and here they are: – phone/fax +44 01952 74073 –, – ph +44 0844 800 1029 –, – ph +44 01986 782 251 – mobile +44 07885777921 –, and – ph +44 01387 380 222 –

An example of TV from bottom to top: The children may put forth ideas to Blue Peter, John Craven’s Country File, Bill Oddie on the ecological imbalances of the flora and fauna (birds in his case) in the land that 30% of the sheep farmers handed back to nature, Kate Humble and Ben Fogle for new nature and life programmes with fresh ideas from bottom to top.

A date for your diary: Royal Mutton Campaign (Mutton Renaissance) will help preserve Britain’s rural landscapes. A programme is scheduled for 21 January 2009 (printed 2008 in error in the website). Those who we are encouraging to attend could raise the question on the fate of the 30% of the sheep farmers who folded up in the last few years. What happened to the land the sheep grazed on? Did it disappear and hence no reason for programmes such as Country File to report on it? If the land is still there, why not report on it now, BBC?

The Royal Mutton campaign may have wished to air views but were and are unable to do so because the Royals are not constitutionally able to do responsible things because that would be tantamount to meddling in government affairs. A difficult tightrope to walk along. Constitutional historians and law makers will have put this more aptly, and we now invite them to do so. As promised, when we discover heavy things we can’t handle and are beyond the scope of what we do then we pass them on to others. We just did that, and draw a line under it.

A happy Christmas, season’s greetings and a happy new year to every one. We will be taking time off but will be working when can over the festive season. We respect others maintaining peace and calm during the season and wouldn’t impose on them reading blog posts when they arrive. Read them early in January.


Saturday, 20 December 2008

An overview

Post number 34

An over view of our shift in design philosophies thus far:

With hind sight post number 33 should have been moderated and toned down. It should not be extrapolated to an indication that we have come out all guns ablaze and change the world with our ‘guide dog’, wool. The latter will be kept on our side and will still do good socially responsible deed, but in a focused and controlled manner. We do not want to loose our friends and business associates by taking too much on.

We could have deleted post number 33, but decided not to, because it has good messages and issues for others to take the lead and follow. We kept post number 33 on the record for another reason, too: that we are equally as human as others and capable of making errors of judgement. The keeping of the post in the blog is a self punishment we impose on ourselves and to present a truer picture of ourselves to others.

On the whole, we allow post number 33 to do its job but would suggest that it should be considered by readers who act upon issues raised (if action is needed) after they have dulled the razor sharp edges.

A tangent: We heard through the grape vine that a programme on BBC Radio 4 will broadcast the therapeutic merits of knitting. We listened through the programme website, and sure enough, knitting will be broadcast next Wednesday afternoon by the psychologist Claudia Hammond, the programme presenter. One of this week’s issues raised and we just listened to was invaluable in its own right.

It was reported that indebtedness (owing money to others) can actually cause mental health problems. With the whole world owing money, our potential Facebook friends may find Radio 4’s contribution essential listening. We suggest you have a listen for the sake of our potential friendships.

Readers might like to bear in mind that our publicities are not the cause of Radio doing something on knitting. Far from it, and the day we could influence Radio 4 to do things for our campaigns, then there will be no need for this blog. It was a fortunate serendipity and we are fortunate its’ happening. ‘All in the mind’ is years and years old and was presented by the late professor Anthony Claire and then by professor Raj Prasad. Both did it brilliantly as does Claudia Hammond, in our view.

End of tangent.

We promised to expand on the bullet points in post number 30. Some of them will be dropped. For example: “possible changes of cotton fields for food production to ensure food security. Shortage of fresh water resources may be an influencing factor.” is a vast subject. At best, we may be able to produce a preliminary feasibility report (a desk study)and make a better job of it than we have in some other posts. A final feasibility report, a working document and the rest of it will be called for. Who will do these?

A study of the Murray and Darling river basins in Australia, and the problems shared between Turkmenistan (a small time cotton producer who received bigger publicities than larger producers) and neighbours alone will keep us busy for weeks and months, the ‘guide dog’ tells us.

Instead, we will be focusing our efforts on projects more directly related to wool. If we bump into other problem areas, we will simply high light them and pass them on to others. The knitting cafe may or may not be a potential recipient of areas uncovered. It depends how big the steering committee, when they have one, would want the knitting cafe to be.


Friday, 19 December 2008

British Rare Breeds of Sheep

Post number 33

Frankly, after the close of business hours yesterday, when no one called us (Greenpeace, Soil Association, Melchet, and Sauven), we felt embarrassed beyond belief. We know we remained calm and didn’t tell you our inner emotions, but knowing us by now, you would have expected us to feel like the lot of them unexpectedly walked onto a podium where we were just about to deliver a speech to you and they each farted aloud! We were expecting at least one of them return our call more for their sake than ours - owing to the gravity of the situation for them. Didn't they care that we will have recorded in public, a differential between their public images and their utter ineptness and empty heads, in their own fields, had they not responded?

For us, it was as though the smell blew us away and the loud sound through the PA system sent you, the audience, into roars of uncontrollable laughter. Drenching with sweat, it was as though we slipped out and laughed too, all the way home, taking the risk of being picked up and driven straight to a mental health hospital.

If we are not tunnel vision and cocooned in our own little world, then allow us to say that we do not have the lingual fluency or skills in popular culture (comedy) to relate to you the aftermaths of just one Sunami that hit us yesterday as we promised you they all will. We will say this, though:

How will any of these people and organisations justify their very existence and be courageous enough to get out there and do to Britain more of what they have done for eons? We now assume with some degree of authority that on the whole, the British public are against GM produce and products although some may have never heard of BT cotton. The public may react in a strong fashion. It is a matter of just when.

Britain has contact details of these people now. Email them, phone them, form blogs, and use imaginary knitting café. Don’t get out on the streets. We will not be responsible. If no one reacts, then Britain has really been hypnotised in the last 20years and the nation no longer know where or who they are. One way or the other, we will have recaptured grounds taken away from Britain a whole lot speeder than lost gradually.

With that positive note, we will get back to work with wool, the ‘guide dog’, to regain some of our dignity.

British Rare Breeds of Sheep:

Unlike Woody Allen’s moose (he is terrified of being reincarnated into one) Exmoor Horn Sheep is not as dumb as it may look on pictures. In fact, the sheep is very smart. It helped us catch a bunch of thieves and time bandits, wasting quality time at the UN, Gordon Browns office and many other important places including Newsnight studios and air time. Have them chased out Gordon. In fact, the German government and the UN planned to remove the charity status from Greenpeace. For the sake of the International Year of Natural Fibres, do it and do it now. Wool, the guide dog, has already done humanity a great deal of justice, wouldn't you all say? The fibre of the gods, indeed.

Mrs Gina Rawle is the secretary on +44 01643 831593, Andrew and Sarah Dixon of Andrews on the Weir Restaurant even do MUTTON dishes. They have a MUTTON Renaissance Club too. Mr Edward Harding is a founding member of the Society that has a history of more than 100 years. He knows all about the sheep and will tell you that the Horn has a thick skin (not dumb) and wool that makes them resist cold winters of -4 and -5 degrees centigrade. The knitting café steering committee (there you go) may like to know more and colour code wool bracelets (range of merchandise) with corresponding info on website. You will get to know that Mr Harding promotes the Horn for their ‘fast growing lamb’ properties.

Exmoor National Park Sustainable Development gave the society a grant for promotion and publicity. A promotion and publicity centre such as the knitting café right here in London may also qualify for grants for publicity and promotion.

Dr Nick Evans, principal lecturer in geography and team at University of Worcester (pronounced Wooster) work on issues such as geographical distribution versus disease (both foot and mouth and blue tongue). They also work on Dartmoor White Face, another rare breed.

The steering committee of the knitting café may also look up Rare Breed Survival Trust to gather more data on other rare breeds and for a business plan. We will keep on contributing as part of CCCC social responsibility drives.

Briefly, back to the beginning of this post: As some of you may have expected, we finished speaking to Emma Hockridge of the Soil Association just now (10:22 hours GMT), and may have been on the phone for 10 minutes. Long enough to give her a brief of proceedings to date and the theme of post number 32 of yesterday.

During the conversation Ms Hockridge asked US to send her some info on the GM situation! We paused and said to her that we were stunned with silence. When we reasoned that it should be the Soil Association who should supply the likes of us the public with assurances on the subject, she promised to post comments on our blog. Now that is more like it.

We concluded the call by informing Emma that we make no apology for the podium analogy above where Lord Melchet and Mr Sauven among others are portrayed as stinking farts. The end justifies the means, but we promise never to sink so low ever again. We feel terrible, but will recover in an hour.


Thursday, 18 December 2008

You, out there in the Orient!

Post number 32

This is to XXX. Don't take off those jeans in the shop! Ask mum to take them off when you get home. Send the BT jeans for recycling. Get rid of that T-shirts too. Thanks to Adidas indeed.

To all: Buy Scotch products of tartan wrapping paper and envelopes and promote Scottish tartans. Include the blog address in your Christmas card. Oh well, buy a roll of sellotape too if you insist. We feel even more generous today.

Any progress on the knitting cafe front? Don't tell us. We will find out in our own mysterious ways.

Mohammad :)

Is that vest in Kidman's Chanel perfume advert made of GM cotton? UK jeans and T-shirt lovers are not told.

Post number 31

Opinions posted in this blog, other blogs (disbanded now), group e-mails to varied selected lists and elsewhere are ours (Mohammad’s) only and do not in any way represent views of CCCC stake holders, company secretary, investors, future parainvestors, partners and associates.

Practically, Britain is legally in a state of ‘Force Majeure’ as in war where national laws no longer make sense or apply to serve intended purposes for which they were legislated. It has been for this purpose that we pegged food security and through it national security to be factually bold about our drives.

Humbling the likes of Adidas, Coco Chanel, Nicole Kidman, cotton vest and wearer, and other global multi nationals have been deliberately intentional to create ‘shock and awe’ to achieve goals in weeks and months that Global giants and celebrities have taken 2 decades to build, brain wash Britain and sell to them whatever they like, when they like and how they like. In the process, killing British sheep farming, British wool and much more.

Any one entertaining thoughts of issuing libels against us, would be issuing them against our determination and hard work to compliment our security forces' efforts of ensuring national security.

BT cotton is a Genetically modified cotton when genes from the bacteria ‘Bacillus Thuringeinsis’ is injected into cotton to make it resistant to the cotton disease bollworm (may be others too) and increase yields and reduce the use of pesticides. Percentage of BT cotton produced in the world in 2006 was reported at 35% ( Major producers are The US, China, and India. Other countries such as Mexico and South Africa produce BT cotton widely, too. The same source (Cornell University) reported in 2006 that 5 million Chinese farmers grew BT Cotton.

Our own sources that we will not reveal, report that 80% of cotton produced in India is of BT variety. You may do your own search to concur or disagree with our figure. Claims and counter claims are made on various aspects. One, noteworthy of reporting is the issue of farmer suicides in India. The International Food Policy Research Institute, concludes in their discussion paper number 808 that first, there is no evidence in available data of a “resurgence” of farmer suicide in India in the last 5 years. Second, they find that BT cotton technology has been very effective overall in India.

Third, their analysis clearly shows that BT cotton is neither necessary nor a sufficient condition for the occurrence of farmer suicides. In contrast, the discussion paper reports that many other factors have likely played a prominent role. Nevertheless, in specific regions and years, where BT cotton may have indirectly contributed to farmer indebtedness, leading to suicides, its failure was mainly the result of the context or environment in which it was planted. The discussion paper covered Central and Southern India.

On the other hand, our sources reported recently that Dr Vandana Shiva states that 2 million hectares are under BT cotton cultivation in the southern state of Andrapradesh. She believes that there is a direct link between BT cotton and farmer suicides. Our sources go on to say that BT cotton was launched in the US in 1996 and then taken to India and China. Andrapradesh has the largest BT cotton producing area in the southern state. The state’s partner is Monsanto India – Maharashtra Hybrid Seed Company or MAHYCO.

This issue is no doubt debated endlessly as we continue with doing our sociably responsible deeds for the society. There are and still will be tomorrow, claims and counter claims. Getting involved further is beyond the scope of these proceedings if our intentions are (but not limited to) promoting wool. We question the merits of using BT cotton T-shirts, jeans, combats and other apparel wear in the UK. But are there any that are sold and worn by consumers here? Consumerism is a powerful force to reckon with especially these days.

We sat out in the last few days to do some fact finding. In a targeted approach by phone, our today’s efforts took us to dead ends:

It is practically impossible to reach giants such as TESCO, ASDA, Sainsbury and Morrison (all UK supermarkets selling food and clothes). Therefore we have nothing to report on whether the cotton clothes (jeans/denims, T-shirts and combats among them) the giants and smaller retailers sell bear labels informing consumers if they are buying BT (genetically modified) clothes. Should such labelling be mandatory?

We then telephoned Office of the Fair Trading on +44 0845 722 4499 to determine whether they had legislation/codes of practice or equivalents on labelling GM cotton clothes. They said they don’t and referred us to:

Trading Standards who referred us to Consumer Direct on +44 (0) 1372 371 700. Their Mr Jerry Collins told us that his organisation didn’t have any guidelines but he will get some one from the Office of Fair Trading to contact us. As you will note, these are the people we approached first. We are already given to understand that the latter cannot help us. We will report our findings in a future post

We then telephoned Greenpeace UK on +44 0207 865 8100 ( and spoke to Stephanie who advised us that the UK office do not deal with GM issues whether food or clothes and suggested we contact the European office and The Soil Association. We left our blog address with Stephanie and concluded the phone call

We did not contact the European unit of Greenpeace owing to their poor records of responses on another issue, namely the alleged damage to the environment by Perchloroethelene (Perc) and its alleged cancer causing in humans. Our letter on this issue to all Greenpeace major offices of San Francesco, Washington DC and Holland
(the European unit) and indeed the UK office forms a much earlier blog post and remains unanswered. The letter hinted in a round about way that all of Greenpeace’s campaigns against Perc over a decade or more were utter rubbish and engineered to scare the public to donate more. Mr John Sauven, the current executive director is still welcome to offer comments in this blog. If we still have nothing to report in the weeks and months to come, then dry cleaners world wide will have nothing to worry about while continuing to clean with Perc

Feeling positive, we then phoned the Soil Association in Bristol on +44 (0) 117 314 5000 and were told that we could speak to Emma Hockridge tomorrow. We felt positive because the Soil Association’s Lord Peter Melchet was our leader in the late 90s to 2000 when he was the executive director of Greenpeace. We were a paid up member and celebrated Lord Melchet and colleagues destroying a field of GM crop and winning a much publicised case. We were surprised no one spoke to us instantly

In anticipation, we phoned the Scotland office of the Soil Association and spoke to Erica. She referred us to and advised us to follow links to GM issues. We did and there aren’t any. Before we let Erica go, we drew her attention to an irony: Could it be that big environmental guns such as Lord Melchet, George Mombio, Jonathan Porrit, Greenpeace, and the Soil Association members including Erica running around doing green things while clad in jeans, denims, combats, and T-shirts that could very well be made of BT cotton? Erica was fascinated and noted the blog address for further insight. Here, we have made an assumption that all notaries and organisations mentioned do not support any GM produce and product use in the UK

Our last call was to Mr Robert Lyons of “Spiked” on +44 0207 40 40 470 ( Their Mr Thomas Deichmann wrote “Just how ‘charitable’ is Greenpeace?”

We conclude with further contact details for the Soil Association: Telephone numbers +44 0 117 914 2400, same code 314 5000 and 314 5001;

We have been 'bold' based on facts at our disposal. A hint to another, when he takes charge with much more power and resources at his disposal.