Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Young Entrepreneurs

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Breaking News to Entrepreneurship week 17 to 23 November 2008

It is with sadness and humility to report that the clothes you are wearing are not clean by any means, if they are dry cleaned.

Whether organising a show for the young entrepreneurs, the chairman of Microsoft, Apple, IBM, a president – elect or an incumbent, you have been wearing dirty suits, skirts and neck ties for decades.

The story is too long to accommodate in this write up, but blog gives a detailed account and offers tried and tested solutions.

We are seeking young entrepreneurs, partners and investors to commercialise our 'old money' low tech innovations. There are projects galore to explore with powerful economic impacts and heavy doses of universal common sense, social responsibility and enterprise. We all remain unfit for purpose for whatever we do, as long as our clothes that we wear daily remain dirty, smell bad and look unattractive.

To the young of today and leaders of tomorrow: Get involved in whatever way you can and get cleaned up before you read the news, govern, innovate, bail out banks and AIG, impact stock markets ups and downs, or offer others democracies and better ways to live.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Founder of CleanestClean Clothes Care (CCCC) Limited


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