Monday, 3 November 2008

The secret world of haute couture and dry cleaning

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Breaking news to the secret world of haute couture:

Unlike ordinary day wear most of which can be washed nowadays, haute couture solely relies on dry cleaning for it’s after care. At the same time, dry cleaning has continued to receive bad press for unreliability, environmental unsuitability, and poor quality for decades. Confidences in the fashion industry were eroded and business suffered lack of adequate growth even before Which? consumer magazine published its investigative report on dry cleaning.

The April 2008 issue condemned dry cleaning and called it ‘A Dirty Business’ on the front cover. Which? sought solutions from the dry cleaning industry, the chains and independent dry cleaners. The alarming news for the fashion industry is that to date (November 08), the industry and others have not offered explanations to Which?, and dry cleaning remains a dirty business. This must have caused further anxieties in the world of fashion, Saville Row and garment industries in general.

We felt responsible for the plight of all concerned and started answering Which?’s queries via blog Our innovative solutions have been in the making for more than 20 years and have the following unique features:

• It segregates dry cleaning in to garment and non garment sectors and we deal with the former sector alone
• Machines can be fine tuned to extract more soiling from garments. 5,000 times more efficient filtration can be achieved to eliminate odours, enhance/enrich colours, and improve feel to the touch
• Does away with polythene covers and reduces indestructible waste volumes
• Eliminates liquid wastes from spotting table practises
• Offers proactive home shopping as the ultimate in convenience to the 24 hour society, without using laundry and shirt service as a prop to attract dry cleaning work
• Simplifies stains removing techniques
• Provides healthier and cleaner shop air through the introduction of public health and hygiene principles in dry cleaning in cooperation with NISE of NHS
• Its care label friendly

We are in the process of raising funds to open our test bed in London and invite haute couturiers to try our work. In addition to this, we are seeking partners to develop a truly global business together with us.

Prices charged will be from 2% to 10% of purchase prices. Collection and delivery inside the M25 area will be free of charge

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Founder, CleanestClean Clothes Care (CCCC) Limited


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