Thursday, 30 October 2008

We wrote to fashion forecasters, fashion journalists and critics saying...

Post number 17

We wrote

"...Our new blog set up in August and put on Facebook a week ago has attracted no comments from the world at large. We are probably dealing with new knowledge, some of which we will share with you in order to sell most of it to targeted audiences.

First, you will be interested to note that we learnt from a decade of hands on experience that wool when cleaned in a regime of dry cleaning fit for purpose (which does not exist), will retain its original colours no matter how old and how many times its dry cleaned. This is good news for forecasters and designers in view of givining consumers the choice of more substantive and structured garment, like suits with centre creases down trouser legs once again".

Some London dry cleaners charge £2.50 for putting centre creases in trousers. Is the trend changing already?

"The bad news is that according to one noted London fashion academic who wishes to remain anonymous, lack of reliable after care has created severe bottle necks to the growth of a chain of businesses such as merino, alpaca, pashmina, cashmere, angora, silk, yarn making, dying, weaving, knitting, fashion forecasting/design, tailoring, retail sales and other business that you could name. Furthermore, we believe that even cotton and linen production and usage could experience an extra surge if bottle necks (dry cleaning) were removed.

Our blog approaches dry cleaning and care label issues with a lot of common sense that has been lacking in the dry cleaning press and media reports. Our aim right now is to inform fashion forecasters mainly who predict what we should wear in future. Natural fibres will make a huge come back with our presence in your neighbourhoods sooner or later.

The UN (FAO) has named 2009 as the International Year of Natural Fibres. Let us welcome it together. For our part, we aim to conjoin fashion and dry cleaning as the integral part of one another. After all, unilke conventional dry cleaning of all technologies (Perc, Hydrocarbon, liquid CO2, and GreenEarth), we fully agree with your labelling philosophies of P, P_, and Dry Clean Only. Please read post number 1 of the blog for a list of our approved designers and tailors that is not exhaustive by any means".


"...Judging by lack of response from any one around the world, there seems to be a new topic in blog, worth knowing about.

The UK consumer Magazine Which? published their investigations in dry cleaning in their April issue entitled 'A Dirty Business'. We started the blog in August to reply, but ours is the only one on record. Which? have received no comments from those asked to publish to date, which is somewhat unusual.

As there is so little written on dry cleaning any where, we thought the subject matter may be of interest to you. We are not expecting a reply, unless you would like to share your experiences with us".



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