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Lack of reliable commercial after care...

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Lack of reliable commercial after care continues to pose problems for growth:

The International Wool Textile Organisation ( held its IWTO7 Congress in Edinburgh in May last year, sponsored by H. Dawson, Lochcarron of Scotland, AWTA Limited, Modiano, The Scottish Enterprise, Johnstons, Messe Frankfurt, Standard Wool UK, British Wool, and Howarth Scouring Co.

Among a wide range of topics were ‘Wool Brand Marketing through Design and Innovation’ by the late President Michael Lempriere (a member of our mailing list and who was tragically killed in a car crash in New Zealand. Our condolences go to his family and IWTO), Market Intelligence Forums, and wool marketing sessions.

The key subject of after care was not referred to, but nevertheless, the subject must have remained an endemic source of concern for the industry. Vigorous attempts by the dry cleaning industry to introduce a ‘fit for purpose’ regime has not convinced a chain of inter dependent businesses to rely on dry cleaning.

Despite the Congress’ calling wool as the fibre of the gods last year, the production and sale of wool garments in the UK remains as suppressed as ever. Last winter, we could not buy a single pure new wool jumper in the shops in South West London shopping centres.

A survey of the press and media does not reveal any work on the after care of wool textiles and other fabrics of natural fibres or indeed synthetics, apart from work carried out by The Australian Wool Innovation Limited ( who have perfected a Merino wool fabric and tailoring techniques where a soft unstructured suit can be cleaned under a 40 degree Centigrade shower and drip dried over night; with no need for ironing.

While this is a commendable achievement since the Edinburgh Congress, it puts the burden on the cash rich time poor end user of the temperate climate Northern Hemisphere to be responsible for the after care of their cherished garments. This may explain why we cannot purchase wool jumpers in cold winters in the UK because consumers have no time or skill to hand wash them.

After care can only be offered commercially and through dry cleaning of the sort CCCC predecessors offered the public for years with little or no complaints whatsoever. Our search continues to find parainvestors to work alongside our main investor – Discovery Beach Australia, technology and business partners to achieve commercial reality.

Mohammad Ahmadzai,
Managing Director, CCCC Limited
Registered in England & Wales number 6302463,
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