Thursday, 2 October 2008

A major shake up of the industry

Post number 10:

A major shake up of the industry:

To be read in conjunction with post numbers 8 and 9.

We touched upon the use of the conventional spotting table that is a vital part of the conventional dry cleaning shops no matter what solvent and technology is used. This equipment uses a steam gun in the removal of stains.

We proved in our various prototypes that steam applied with a gun at high pressure is not only damaging to finer fabrics, but steam is not needed for the removal of stains even in the slightest of ways. Furthermore, the spotting table is used in treating both the unclean garments before dry cleaning in machines as well as for removing stains from dry cleaned clothes that were not removed during machine cleaning processes.

As such, the same spotting table surface is used without sterilization or disinfection to receive both soiled and cleaned clothes. Risk of cross infection and contamination of cleaned garments by the smell of chemicals, detergents and the bacterium Clostridium Deficicille (CD) from items received from old peoples’ and nursing homes (incontinence) are quite high.

For theses reasons, we removed the steam gun from the prototypes (London and Surrey shops) to stop staff from reaching for the gun on silk chiffons, delicate polyesters, silks, and super 120 wools. Our last prototype (a launderette fitted with a dry cleaning machine) did not even have space to fit in a spotting table, to the displeasure of the business proprietor.

During our 3 years successful operations, the spotting table became redundant and we experienced vast improvements in meeting stringent consumer demands and expectations, contributed to infection control, and our dry cleaning processes became care label friendly to the delight of the fashion and garment industries.

The major shake up of the industry can be summed up thus:

• Do not use steam and the spotting table as is used today. Bring changes to usage (new IP)
• Segregate dry cleaning in to garment and non garment sectors. CCCC will not clean curtains, rugs, greasy overalls, and items from certain health sector environments such as nursing and old peoples’ homes
• Introduce a second spotting table for removing stains from dry cleaned clothes just before pressing/ironing to avoid cross infection/contamination (new IP)
• Replace trade stain removing chemicals that may require the application of steam for their effectiveness. CCCC has replaced these with 3 inert mixes only (new IP). They contribute to better shop and surrounding environments on grounds of not causing air pollution by the admixtures/compounds of unknown chemicals. Steam will be a catalyst and can form new compounds as a result of applying it to different stain removing chemicals. No wonder dry cleaning shops have received such bad press over the decades



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