Friday, 12 September 2008

Which?'s phone in session

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Phone in session with Which? Magazine: The magazine held its phone in session yesterday 11 September between 11 am and 3 pm UK local time.

I had a detailed discussion with a senior editorial staff who is in a supervisory capacity with the investigative team. It was revealed that no feedback from the industry, the chains and the independents have been received for publication. Which? has been and is working behind the scenes to obtain reactions from all concerned in which case their findings may be published in a future issue.

The industry may not be answering Which? or send in comments to this blog, but efforts must be under way to come up with a fit for purpose dry cleaning regime that should remove bottle necks placed in the way of so many related businesses such as sheep farming/wool production, yarn making, weaving, knitting, tailoring, fashion design, and mass production of garments. The production of other natural fibres such as silk and linen to some extent has also suffered of late, because fashion firmly believes that if it cannot be given satisfactory after care, then do not touch it.

It is widely known that the use of wool is limited to the production of carpets and building insulation. With the credit crunch and the downfall in the housing market even lesser quantities of wool will be used for carpets for the foreseeable future.

High energy costs should drive people to wear wool in winter if one could adequately clean it. The BBC reported recently that UK sheep farmers realise 60 pence from the fleece of one sheep and it costs them 90 pence to sheer a sheep to keep their skins healthy. How many billions of wool jumpers could keep people warm in cold northern hemisphere winters only if we could clean the ‘Fibre of The Gods’?

CCCC and its offshoot are well placed to offer solutions and generate big businesses for commercial reality and kick start the dormant ones. Our draft business plan is now ready and copies have been forwarded to our chief investor Discovery Beach Australia for raising seed capital through parainvestors world wide. Publicity and marketing sections are currently being edited by Enterprise First with the involvement of Business Link Surrey in our efforts to publicise the business plan widely and independent of our chief investor’s efforts.

NISE of NHS will kindly contribute to health issues (spotting table and associated risks of cross infections).

Our door is open to the chains such as Johnson Cleaners, Morrisons, Persil, and Sainsbury to let us have the use of one of their production units so that we prove the concepts of CCCC as was done in 6 Perc prototypes earlier. Our business plan will be published on this blog to draw their attention to vast business opportunities in these lean times when there are so few opportunities to invest in any thing sustainable.

Our door is also open to Which?’s investigative team for any specific queries they may send our way, especially those that the industry has not been able to provide answers for. They have our e-mail address and phone numbers to get in touch.



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