Wednesday, 13 August 2008

We are rebuked.

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We are rebuked!

E-mail queries have been received, and we are dealing with back logs one at a time. At this stage of our public information, we are rebuked by a source close to the industry who claim that our achievements of the past as reported in this blog and elsewhere in the past 20 years are baseless, and without scientific proof.

We are warned that if we do not retract claims we have made or do not stop expressing critical view of existing practises, then we should expect no help from the industry. We are further advised that if we continue to insist that CCCC predecessors have achieved results beyond the expectations of the industry practitioners, then no efforts will be spared to stop us in our tracks. We comment as follows:

1) We thank the source for opening a door between us and the industry who must be reading this blog by now, in addition to our earlier written communications to them. We hope that the industry uses this platform and express their views openly to readers.
2) We thank Which? for painting a realistic picture of the dry cleaning practises nationwide, and giving us this opportunity to respond.
3) Reportedly, the industry wishes CCCC to test our technology by cleaning white cotton material samples for soil retention and comparison of both filter types. We have never had any objections to taking part in the tests once our test bed is in operation. It is just the question of timing that we not specified so far.
4) Industry tests will be carried out after we have sold the service to consumers via fashion designers, Saville Row tailors and major garment retailers. We would wish these organisations to proactively take part in promoting CCCC international service by becoming our agents along the lines of our association with Jaeger in the 1990s, when our scheme served a dry cleaning service fit for purpose and certified by both the designer and their demanding consumers.
5) We have over 100 care label friendly organisations that we will invite. We will prove that dry cleaning bottle necks will have been removed from their ways so as to encourage them to design and manufacture in any natural and synthetic fibres in as Much quantities as they would wish to undertake. WE WILL POPULARISE WOOL ONCE AGAIN - WARM AND CUDDLY IN THE WINTER, COOL IN SUMMER (SUPER 120 SHIRTS AND BLOUSES).
6) We will then seek certificates of approval from these sources in order to establish proof of concept for the purposes of going ahead with protecting our numerous IP through the Patent Office.
7) At that stage of the progress, we will be ready to invite the industry to test the service as often as they wish during our real time day to day practises. This would be far better than to do the industry test first before selling the service. It is obvious that we intend to get tailors, designers and retailers proactively involved in dry cleaning instead of sitting on the side lines and be dictated by the industry whose ways of conducting dry cleaning has never succeeded to impress any one.
8) Our business plan seeking seed capital for the test bed is being finalised as this reply is written. We may just go ahead and publish the entire business plan with appendices in this blog subject to consultations with our main investor and, branding, marketing and publicity partners. Who knows? May be fashion and Saville Row (Norton & Sons) who may recall Harvi-Nash (our Wandsworth firm) successes may wish to invest in CCCC International. Our first subsidiary offering home shopping only would be a good starting point to invest.



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