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Industry whiteness/brightness tests

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Industry whiteness/brightness tests

There is concern in some quarters that CCCC will not regard the industry tests as vital or necessary when certification and approval from the world of fashion and others are obtained as to the proof of concept of our cleaning standards and consumer centred quality parameters.

This is far from the truth. We regret our misleading the industry and general blog readers if this has been your perception. We need to work with certain parts of the industry that will be instrumental in the success of CCCC, and it’s immediate off shoot These are some European and UK chemical manufacturers who have geared up for the work for a long time now.

Similarly, dry cleaning machine and equipment manufacturers will be heavily relied upon for the manufacture of new generation of Perc machines and additional equipment. Design and structural changes to these are brought about after extensive consultations with NISE (National Health Innovations South East) of the NHS since late 2006.

In this regard, ‘segregated dry cleaning’ does not only mean the compartmentalisation of dry cleaning in to the domestic, industrial, and household sectors, but the shop working area will also be segregated in to clean and soiled zones to introduce changes as a result of the application of basic principles of hygiene and public health.

Proactive consumer education and marketing exercises will be conducted to attract work from NHS itslef (hospital staff), the United Kingdom armed forces, government and parliament to sell them health benefits towards the control of infections here and abroad. Spotting table practises are highly suspected as sources of crosss infection.

Relevant details without revealing IP will be detailed in our business plan which is being finalised to attract seed capital for the proposed and long awaited test bed.

Our efforts to open up dry cleaning for debate will continue through this blog, and your views will be found highly valuable to proceedings. Althoguh we have a back log of e-mail queries to reply to, we have no direct responses to the first 4 posts from any source.

Although we are confident that the attention of TSA's Mr Murray Simpson, Chris Tebbs and other captains of the indsutry has been drawn to offer comments, we wonder if Which? could also highlight the blog to industry sources and chains for instrumenting constructive and positive debate on 11 September in their call in session at their offices.

We have informed certain fashion houses and Saville Row tailors in view of their taking a proactive role in the future of dry cleaning.



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